Escape Map Editor Ammo Request


As a fan of gears2 horde mode, I find myself enjoying the escape map editor with the latest barracks tile set.

Creating endless spawns with the enemy types I want, turning off the venom, and choosing what weapons I can pick up, is a first step to creating more of a gears2 horde experience that I used to enjoy.

I’m just here to make a request to have an “unlimited ammo crate” in the “pickups section.” Something like:

I know I have the ability to make lockers, but some tiles can only make 1 locker, with 2 weapon slots, that regen slowly, and are vulnerable to enemy damage.

With an unlimited ammo pickup, I wouldn’t have to worry about searching for ammo and it would allow me to increase the number of enemies I can spawn against me at one time. Im just looking to keep myself shooting in a shooting game, focus on “me vs their army,” and cut out the downtime of running around searching for ammo.

I understand there are higher priority fixes/features in the works, but I’d just like to put this request on TC’s radar.

Thank you.


Good post

Recreating a Gears 2 style Horde inside the Map Editor is way more creative than anything I’ve ever done.

I thought we had to wait a couple months for TC to add VS/Horde map editing?