Escape Local Splitscreen PC

Hey guys,

Speaking specifically to the PC guys has anyone actually managed to achieve Local Co-Op Splitscreen in Escape (2 players or 3 players) ? If so may you kindly please provide detailed instructions of how you managed to achieve this. According to PC Gamer this is apparently possible but I have yet to hear of anyone actually.

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Turns out that was either incorrect or a lie. It’s not supported

Gears 5 does NOT support PC split screen for any mode other than campaign.

Very disappointing, considering the source of that PC Gamer article was a quote from this conference:

He clearly says: “…and we’re supporting 3 player split-screen on PC” while discussing the new Escape mode. So there’s your lie. This really is a game-breaker, no matter how many skins/maps they add to the game I don’t think I’m going to feel motivated as a PC consumer to pay any more money after the $2 for 2 months game pass expires. Gears 4 I bought outright without knowing the campaign was the only split-screen mode and got burned then too.