Escape Lahni Pifler Skill Card Question

Anyone using Lahni on Escape notice the “Efficient Executioner” skill card wording is incorrect?

Lahni’s passive is meant to be 6 executions = pilfer pickup (ammo). When equipped with that skill card, it effectively drops by 1 execution per level. I’m on level 4 (2 executions = pilfer pickup).

I have found that the only way to get a pilfer drop is to do a different execution. As in, you can’t get an ammo drop if you do the same execution again after the first drop.

Is this a bug? Or just incorrect wording on the skill card?


Is there no bug report page or place to submit a ticket?

Escape - Skill cards Level 5 on Efficient Executioner (1 pilfer pickup per execution).

The first few executions performed, they drop a pilfer pickup. (Same type of execution back to back)

Then suddenly it just stops for the rest of the game.

This is 100% a legitimate bug.

The skill card doesn’t mention different executions. Just execution.