Escape is currently ruined

Evening all.

For a majority of a boring old sunday I’ve been trying to push to level up my escape heroes and earn higher cards as most of my common cards are maxed.

However that has been thwarted completely by the lemmings of the community. I’m even encountering level ONE CLASSES in master difficulty games… it’s not happening. Nobody wants to carry you people. Why bother?

Anyone else fed up of low levels trying to get carried?

TC I think you need to start putting in level requirements for chars based on the difficulty otherwise random games are just going to ruin this mode that potentially could be good. I’ve backed out of more games than I’ve actually played today due to lemmings.


Best way to find an escape group or horde group is to post one on one of the Xbox club game boards. You can specify what your looking for and you seem to get hits pretty fast.

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I may have to resort to that or flat out finding my own decent teammates.

Public matchmaking is just sheer low class level comedians and bad players.

And it’s utterly frustrating.


It has been suggested that having minimum character level requirements for public searches would be helpful.


You know you can back out at the loadout screen long before the match starts right? Just making sure.

At least it’s not like GOW4 horde where you’ve got to sit there for 3 min before you can even back out when you know no one is sticking around.

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I wonder which dashing rogue made that suggestion?


I believe it was someone from Western Digital.


I’m well aware - I was doing it all day.

It was exceptionally fun.

I jest.

Same. had 2 level one’s join on higher difficulties yesterday… rushrushrush, loot everything for themselves, die. repeat.

They quit after the 3rd wipe because they sucked major sh*t.
People that have no fking clue what they’re doing or supposed to be doing, shouldn’t be playing those modes.


I really wanna enjoy this game mode, but can’t purely because of teammates. It’s like everyone I get put with lacks a functioning brain. Picks up Boomshot, and uses it on Juvies. Why? Uses all ammo on the Warden boss when you can either trap it in an ammo room or flashbang it an let Lahni ruin it with her ult. The lack of teamplay is another thing that really kills this, especially on the higher difficulties. Everyone just wants to get as many kills as possible, and plays for MVP

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Ya i think there needs to be reasonable level gating for the different difficulties to weed out the under-prepared looking for a carry. I thought the same about Horde in Gears4, saw too many low level characters tryign to get carried in Insane horde runs I assume the same problem exists in G5 horde as well.

Or maybe some early level categories for searches so that lower level players play together? Seems harsh that lower level players can’t play Public games at all. So maybe players whose characters are between 1-3 have their own Public search section; levels 4-7 have their own; and 8+ have their own etc.

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Level requirements would pose some problems with current design of the game. I’m lvl 14 Jack. O join the game on Elite with another Jack in it and it changes me to lvl 1 Fhaz since i dont play him and the game starts since lobby had 3s on the timer. Now even if it doesnt automaticly boot me for level requirement Ill just leave on my own since im not playing lvl 1 char on that difficulty and one that i dont like on top of that. But now I can’t go into any decent lobby cuz I’m stuck with character on lvl 1 which i can change only when i’m in another lobby.