Escape intro Skippable?

Hey Guys, can we have an option to skip the escape intro?

Been trying to complete The Surge on Master and I spend more time reloading the map than actually playing it :joy:

Cheers in advance :+1:t2:


It gets a little old watching it a hundred times over(or more), especially when you are restarting a lot by trying to beat Master hives(although the group I usually run them with found The Surge and The Wanderer rather easy to beat - first Master attempt we would succeed). I wouldn’t mind it if there wasn’t a loading screen after the cutscene, but there still is.


I’d love this as an option, but I believe it does that to render the map + enemies in the background so it’ll probably not happen. Someone might be able to confirm that’s the case.

Like in campaign the time you take to have 2 people lift an obstacle or open a door is really to hide the loading times :stuck_out_tongue:

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The difference there is you won’t look at that a hundred times over, or more. I’d often rather just look at the Escape character standing there or even just a loading screen than the same old cutscene for the who knows which time.

Screw the escape intro…I want an option to skip the game boot up ice cracking TC scene. Drives me insane.


It gives me little break times to respond to messages, checking forums, even for people to duplicate characters.

There’s still a loading screen for that.

Loading cutscenes, it’s to sync with lobby/matching making changes. Then loading screen for the actual map level…

It’s not long enough,

It’s definitely longer than the cutscene. And if you removed the cutscene the loading screen would just be longer or the scene replaced by just having the character stand there.

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Cutscene + loading screen is okay, how it is now. Even the ending cutscene. I’d rather see how characters enter the Map through getting captured and podded. Horde doesn’t even have this.

Which is why I’d prefer it to be optional for those who want it. But I sometimes get tired of it always being the same thing. Especially when restarting Master runs over and over.

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I’d skip it for the Master runs.

If it is honestly necessary to be in there to cover up loading, the cutscene isn’t the issue, its how long it takes to load only one chapter of escape.

60 second countdown while you choose characters (assuming you matchmake… even if you do a custom game I feel like the map should begin loading once it gets selected), 20 seconds of getting snatched, then another minute of loading and syncing connections. That’s over 2 minutes to load a chapter of escape…followed by another minute once you make it to a safe room to load the next chapter.

That is quite the chunk of time to load from my point of view for what the mode is. But hey, gives me time to play a round of Gears POP easily before each game haha.

No, it’s a loading screen basically. There’s no skipping it.

I’m shocked there still isn’t an option (after failing) to start at the beginning of the hive on Master.

Instead of loading back into the main menu, waiting again in the pre-game, cutscenes, followed by RE-loading the level you were just playing.

It seems like the delay it takes to get back into another attempt is just pointless. If it’s be design, it’s frustrating more than challenging.