Escape Hives - Best Classes for Each Hive?

Hello all. Some of us seasoned Escape players have been having some conversations with several players who are less experienced at Escape, offering advice and so on and it got me thinking about choice of classes and which classes are considered to be the best options for each hive.

Obviously Escape is pretty challenging on the harder difficulties - especially master, and the different mutators as well as limited weapons tend to add a different angle from one hive to the next.

I’m going to list what I consider to be my A Team for each Escape Hive - the 3 strongest classes. I’ll be applying a “no duplicate” rule; and I’ll add a brief little description under each class to explain why I consider them to be good enough for that particular A Team. Also these A Teams are recommendations based on the hardest difficulties. Obviously with beginner etc, choice of class isn’t as important and you can get through all Hives pretty easily regardless. Feel free to discuss, agree, disagree, post your own opinions etc.



There’s frag grenades and a Boomshot in the 1st act. The explosives are useful for dealing with crowds, and the possible Warden or Flock that appears midway through the 2nd act which may require a high-damage class.


Starts with a Boltok and the strength and bleed damage it can apply are very useful, especially early on as you need to fight several Drone-variants before you get to your first supply room. Sometimes the Imagos just stand there and supress you with fire and it’s hard to find openings to run up and melee combo them, and the Anchor can help to clear these blockages.


Sheer tankiness and a strong tackle attack. Excellent for clearing blockages where enemies try to suppress you, and very helpful for pushing enemy positions. Not invulnerable obviously, but is the most suited.


There’s a Boomshot and frags early on. Possible Dropshot at the end but not a critical thing.

As above, Bloody Shot can help with enemy blockages. Depending on the path, it can also really help keep the Poppers at bay (if you take the right path for act 2).

Brawler or Blademaster
I find the venom seems to move faster on the right path in act 2, so Lahni is a bit more suited. The left path involves winding tunnels and the venom seems much slower as it goes around, so unless you want to wait, Brawler allows you to push on ahead without waiting. That said, Blademaster’s ultimate can be very useful against the Wardens on the left path, ideally when in venom.


There are explosive weapons along the way - a Torque Bow, sometimes a Dropshot; and I’m fairly sure there is always a Salvo Scion at some stage (sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Ammo Resupply is very useful and if you get a Salvo, can plow through large parts of this hive.

I like the Anchor again, because of the Boltok and Bloody Shot. The Bastions can be a pain. The start can be a bit awkward as the Torque only contains one arrow, so whoever uses it needs to make it count. The Anchor makes the Bastions easer to kill, especially before the Tactician gets more weapons and ammo.

There are shotguns available on this hive and the Infiltrator can take an aggressive approach to the fight. The cloak allows you a single powerful shot (which decloaks you) but can be very useful for dealing with Bastions especially if the Scions or whatever are pushing and have your team mates cornered, which may mean they can’t get the right angle to land a killshot on the Bastion.


As above, Bloody Shot is very useful. The Hive doesn’t have too many good weapons along the way -many tend to be dropped by enemies so change depending on enemy spawns. There is a Boomshot for a Tactician at the start of act 2, but you’ll need to make it through first!

An execution build with Concussive Rounds can be very good for scattering enemy groups. Also enables for fast runs in act 2 to get past the Ice Scions.

As ever, tank and strong enough to plow through enemies. Doesn’t rely on guns so won’t need to take ammo boxes.


There’s a Longshot in one of the supply rooms in the first area (accessed after dealing with the first two Wardens) - the righthand one (based on the perspective of your radar/mini-map).

There’s frag grenades in the same supply room you find the Longshot; and there’s also Boomshot in the other supply room (lefthand one based on the mini-map). There’s also a Lancer GL and a Salvo in act 2. However going to the Lancer GL supply room will trigger an extra 2 Wardens to spawn, whereas the Salvo supply room doesn’t.

As standard, is arguably the best tank option for CQC, dealing with Juvies and pushing enemy positions. The venom can be slow, as the hive is quite big, and Brawler obviously doesn’t need venom to be at their best.


Similar to The Labyrinth. The start of each act involves running away from an invincible Mulcher Scion (and locking it away in a supply room), so both acts you will be well ahead of the venom. In both acts you will need to fight a group of enemies outside the supply room, so Brawler is great for that.

As above, the Boltok and Bloody Shot is great for dealing with the enemies outside each supply room. With the Mulcher Scion coming up at you at the start of each act, you’ll need to be quick and the Anchor (and Brawler) are probably the strongest options. There’s also the 2nd fight in act 1 which can be a bit annoying as the Drones tend to sit back and defend which makes it hard to rush and melee, so the Anchor can help to pick them off.

Tactician or Nomad
There is a Boomshot on this map in act 1 - on the mini-map it’s the supply room right at the bottom, so the Tactician can have something to use. The Nomad’s Fear and execution build can also help deal with the enemies outside the supply rooms too.


There’s a Boomshot early on in the first supply room; frags in the second one; and in act 2 there is a Dropshot plus red ammo boxes spread across the two supply rooms there. The explosives can be very useful throughout, but especially for the fight immediately after coming out the shower room; and for the Warden and Sires at the very end as you approach the helipad. The venom is fairly fast so you should be able to drop your Ammo Resupply quite a few times.

As the venom is fairly fast on this map, Blademaster is very good for general CQC and bleeding enemies. The Sires can be a real pain, but as long as you ride the venom, Blademaster can cut and bleed the Sires so if they do manage to grab anyone, the bleed will eventually make the Sires drop you or your team mates.

As ever, the tankiness can make such a difference. Burn damage has been buffed so this can also make Sires drop grabbed players too.


There’s a Longshot in the second supply room in act 1. Ammo isn’t that plentiful, but Explosive Critical Hit can still do a number on enemies. With the right cards at the right level you can oneshot Scions too.

Makes short work of Juvies and Rejects if they spawn, as well as alot of other enemies. Just be careful as one of the mutators is Ultra Stopping Power, so don’t get complacent!

There’s a range of explosive weapons along the way. The hive is very easy so they’re not even necessary, but there’s a combination of a Boomshot, Dropshot, Lancer GL, frags, and Salvos across both acts and both different paths.


There’s a Boomshot midway through act 1, and frag grenades at some point. There’s also a chance of a Salvo Scion. This hive is very tough and if you get a full spawn of enemies you’ll need some heavy hitters for this (the hive is bugged so sometimes not all enemies will spawn). There’s also a Flock (or two) in act 2.

The start can be rough due to the Scion, and the fact the first supply room doesn’t contain any strong weapons.

Their Bloody Shot will help you handle the first fight. There’s a Scion there and nothing particularly strong in the 1st supply room so you’re really having to deal with this fight using what you start with. The Anchor can help keep Juvies at bay if you get that spawn, and the bleed is also great for the Flock. Their ultimate also enables you to push enemy positions and renders frontal enemy gunfire useless for its duration.


Their tankiness and ultimate ability are excellent as many fights will be in areas which are fairly open. Act 2 is a large grid of map tiles and you can be approached and flanked from several directions. The Mulcher Scions can be rough too, but the Reflective Shield will make short work of them.

With an execution build, the Nomad can control the enemies in all areas using Fear and executions. There is a Lancer in act 1 down the left side path; and a Retro in the middle path. In act 2 in particular, just be careful when chaining executions and not pushing too far forward too soon. There are Elite Drones everywhere and they will shoot you from all kinds of angles as act 2 is like a large 4x4 grid (or something).

Brawler doesn’t rely on weapons and is tanky enough to take on most threats quite independently. All The Glory can be a lifesaver for Juvies and Rejects. The Tactician can be very useful too as there is a Boomshot in act 1 down the middle path; frag grenades on the left; and a Dropshot and Salvo Scions on the right. The right path is probably the hardest path though as it’s open. Venom Boost is a necessity though as act 2 has no supply rooms and extra supplies aside from what the enemy drops.

Last Stand

Probably the most important class for this hive if part of a team. You’ll need to grab and drop the Salvo found at the start over the wall and collect it after vaulting over. If you are sensible with it, trust the bleed damage and not use unnecessary rockets, and ride the venom, then it’s a simple forward march. Healing Module can be extremely helpful so you’re less likely to go down while you spam the Salvo during your ultimate. When no using your ultimate, be more economical with firing.

Their ultimate can be very useful if if the Tactician runs out of Salvo ammo and needs some time to recharge their ultimate. It can wipe out the majority of each encounter and makes short work of the Mulcher Scions. Ultimate Battery can help team mates get their ultimates back faster too. There are heavy weapons to use, but unfortunately Tactician’s Ammo Resupply doesn’t replenish any of them aside from the Salvo (which they use anyway).

Brawler – as standard. Just be mindful that one of the mutators is Ultra Stopping Power. If you ride the venom, then Blademaster is a very strong option too. Their ultimate ability can also fill in and help stun and kill large groups of enemies. As above, just be careful of Ultra Stopping Power.


Ultimate Battery will help compensate a bit for the slower ultimate recharge mutator. Reflective Shredder and the Gunner’s ultimate can easily take out the Stumps. Note that there’s always a Salvo Scion at the very start of act 2 which can be very useful. The super recoil doesn’t seem to affect Salvos.

Bloody Shot can be very useful for all enemies on this map and ammo is reasonably plentiful. The super recoil means you’ll need to be patient and space your shots out. Anchor’s ultimate shield ability can also enable you and your team to push positions or move around more freely when Stumps are trying to shred you.

As ever, very strong and tanky. If you can flank and get close to a Stump they will stop firing and perform an electric stomp attack. It’s not super strong, so once close you can usually repeatedly tackle it to death.

Bloody Shot is very useful for the Poppers and allows you to keep them at bay.

There is a Boomshot and frags in the left sided supply rooms in the first area; a Torque Bow on the right sided room; and Dropshot Scions found throughout (although if you know the easiest route it’s not necessary to fight them except for any that spawn on the helipad). Scions will have frontal shields (similar to the Anchor) so the Tactician is a good choice for getting around it. There’s also several red ammo boxes and an extra Boomshot in the central supply room toward the end of the hive.

The venom moves quickly on this map, so Blademaster is very viable. Both their melee abilities and bleed/burn will be useful against the shielded Scions. Just watch out for Poppers!

There are Longshots in the far left and far right supply rooms. Both will be guarded by two Scions, but once you get them, maxed out damage cards and an active reload will enable the Marksman to take about 90% of a Scion’s health in one shot. X-Ray will allow you to oneshot them outright. There is also a Torque Bow in the central supply room, which is a bit unorthodox for Marksman, but the initial hit (the arrow part) actually counts as a precision weapon. You can walk right into this room despite the nearby Scions – just don’t run or make sudden movements as getting into cover or vaulting over walls usually alert them.

There is a Torque Bow and frags in the central supply room, and Dropshot Scions throughout.

Brawler / Blademaster
Both these classes will need to be careful of the Mulchers and Ice Scions as they will freeze and kill you very quickly. Blademaster probably takes more skill as they have less damage resistance, but their ultimate can be very good for dealing with multiple Scions (Brawler obviously needs to keep his ultimate for the extra Inner Fire damage resistance).


The mutators promote shotguns, so the Infiltrator is the natural choice for this and there’s plenty of shotguns and ammo for it.

Executions work just as well against the Drones despite the Close Range Rifle Drones mutator. The Haymaker followed by meatshield or execution works wonders.

A Fear execution build will help control groups of enemies and create openings for the Infiltrator and Brawler. Try and get hold of a flashbang or two to make life easier.


There’s a Longshot in the first supply room, and Explosive Critical Hit will enable you to wipe out groups of enemies before they’re even aware of your presence. Switch to Boltok to deal with Juvies and Poppers.

The venom travels fast so chances are you’ll be riding the venom most of the way. Use hit-and-run strikes on enemies, especially Grenadiers who will have the frontal shields; trust your bleed; and save your ultimate for Wardens where possible, and in venom. Just remember that your ultimate will only last half the time due to the Shorter Ultimate mutator. Try and grab a Breaker Mace before the saferoom, and use the ground smash attack on the Matriarch when it’s frozen by the Relic Dropshot.

The last class for this map can be fairly flexible. The Brawler allows you to push aggressively if the enemy have you pinned and the venom is coming up behind you fast. The Anchor and their Bloody Shot is great for picking off Juvies and Poppers; and their ultimate can allow you as a team to push if the venom is pressuring you. There are also always Grenadiers or Elite Grenadiers at the start so there will be shotguns. Can be very useful to cloak and one-shot the Matriarch, Warden or Scion. For the Anchor and Infiltrator – remember that ultimate abilities last half the time on this hive.

Their tankiness and crowd control of All The Glory will keep the Juvies or Leeches at bay, especially if you plan to go deeper into the hive.

The venom moves up quite fast on this hive, so is perfect for Blademaster. Just be more careful than usual due to the More Melee Damage mutator.

Their ultimate can help clear out groups of enemies, especially when you’re being pressured by the venom. Overall tankiness helps as a medic, and Ultimate Battery helps team mates get their ultimate back quicker.

As long as you ride the venom and use fast hit-and-run strikes, Blademaster is probably the strongest class for this map. Try and safe your ultimate for Wardens.

There’s extremely little ammo on this map so the Anchor is primarily for support. However there may be some areas where the Imagos will hold up and just suppress you. The Anchor can be excellent for dealing with these blockages. Just be economical with your ammo!

Brawlers need to be very careful and disciplined as the Imagos will freeze you. Manipulate angles and time your runs so you hit them from tighter angles if possible. The Protector is also very good and has the advantage of bleeding things outside of venom, but they lack the Blademaster’s defence.

There’s always a Sniper at the start (sometimes two) so you’ll have a Longshot right at the start. Ammo is quite plentiful as long as your team mates prioritise the Marksman. There will also be Elite Snipers and EMBARs in the 2nd section.

Bloody Shot can be very useful against the Sires. All non-headshot damage may be reduced, but if you can make a Sire bleed with a couple of shots, then if they manage to grab someone, they will eventually drop them. Anchor’s ultimate can allow for aggressive pushes at the end of each act; or at the start of act 2 if there’s a Stump.

Standard reasons – executions work a treat despite the Heads Up mutator. Watch out for Ultra Stopping Power and time your runs and attacks. The burn effects will also help against Sires, but Brawler is broadly played a bit more conservatively on this map. Nomad is great for crowd-control if you need to push due to the venom. There are plenty of flashbangs in the supply rooms, so make use of them.

This map can be a little maze-like, but in act 1 if you head west/right, after the pack of Juvies is a supply room with a Dropshot. Depending on what route you take for act 2, you can end up with a Torque and Salvo Scion spawns. I don’t think there’s any guarantee of frag grenades, so you can leave out Grenade Pouch.

Will make short work of the Juvie pack and allow the Tactician to easily get to the Dropshot. Is otherwise support, but can help push certain enemy positions.

Will be a bit of a passenger for the 1st act, although some well placed Boltok shots can help clear out the Juvie pack. There is a Longshot at the start of act 2 on both paths, however if you take the far left path through the caves you’ll have a fight before you reach it. If you take the central path (across the two bridges) then you’ll have the supply rooms immediately after the saferoom. The middle path is arguably preferable as there’s no Bastions; and while there are more and stronger enemies you get stronger weapons and more ammo to compensate.

There will be several points where there will be packs of Juvies, so the Brawler is ideal for dealing with them. Be extra careful around Grenadiers as they will freeze and insta-kill you.

There will be Bastions at various points so Bloody Shot will be great to deal with them. Enemies do not regenerate health so any damage done will stick. Also great at dealing with Grenadiers from a distance.

Either of these two can be very good. Gunner’s ultimate can help out in a pinch and there’s a Torque Bow in act 1. Nomad’s crowd-control abilities are also very good, but be extra careful around Grenadiers. There are flashbangs in the supply rooms in act 1 which will help; and a Retro.

There’s a Boomshot and frag grenades early on, plus plenty of red ammo boxes throughout the map. There’s a Lancer GL at the start of act 2, but to be honest I don’t find it that useful. Alot of this hive features low ceilings so the rockets often get absorbed into the ceiling. The venom is slow, so if you feel pushed, you can always set grenade traps and lure enemies toward them (assuming the venom isn’t right on top of you). This works especially well in the last fight in act 1 where there are two Scions (Buzzsaws or Mulchers) plus Drone variants.

There’s a Lancer in one of the early supply rooms. Very useful for dealing with Reject packs and crowd-control.

As ever, great for crowd-control (Rejects mainly) and pushing enemy positions if necessary.

There are explosive weapons down the 1st and 2nd corridors. The 2nd corridor is preferable as it contains a Salvo, Dropshot, Boomshot and Torque – a wide range of choices. The 1st corridor contains frags and a Lancer GL. Try to lure enemies toward you so you can fight in venom and gradually move up with the venom. This allows you to drop your ultimate more frequently. Bear in mind it lasts half the time.

As usual, tanky fiery melee abilities will help against things like Juvies, Pouncers and Sires

There is a Lancer in the pod spawn room. Crowd control abilities are excellent and help you manage the flow of enemies. Just don’t over commit to chasing down enemies as the last area is quite open.

Is the strongest option as the rear guard. It’s a boring job, but very important as Juvies will constantly spawn behind you. If you can deal with the Juvies then your team mates can focus on the front.

There is a Longshot midway through act 1, with a possibility of Snipers spawning earlier (alternative it will be Hunters and Markzas). The Marksman can clear most rooms quite independently thereafter.

There’s a Boomshot laying around in one of the early rooms. It’s not in a supply room and the location changes alot so keep an eye out for it. There’s also always a Grenadier at the start so you’ll get a Gnasher early on.

There’s a Longshot at the very start, and using the X-Ray at the right times can allow you to take out key enemies before they even know you’re there – namely the Sentinels or Bastions in the 2nd room (act 1).

There is an Overkill early on. The tankiness of the Infiltrator now makes them very strong if you can keep the momentum of kills, and a cloak-shot is great for the Swarmak at the end.

There are frags in the first room. From memory there will always be a Salvo at some point carried by an enemy – either a Salvo Scion or Sentinels in the following room (assuming it doesn’t die above the central pit and be inaccessible). There’s also a chance of a Dropshot early on, but there’s always a Boomshot and a Torque in the Matriarch/Snatcher room in act 2. Can be a bit of a passenger for the first part as you will rely on enemy spawns and what weapons they drop. Healing Module will help you stay on your feet while you Salvo spam the bosses and I would strongly recommend this card.

There is a Longshot at the start. After going up the ladder turn left and then left again and it’s at the end of the path. I’d recommend the Modified EMBAR card too as there’s alot of sniping to do, and you’ll probably need to switch to the EMBAR as well. There’s lots of Deadeyes who will drop EMBARs so ammo will be plentiful. Time the use of your X-Ray and you can one shot Guardians and Sentinels (depending on the spawn).

If I remember correctly, there will always be a Salvo-welding enemy at some stage, however it can be as late as the last fight (Sentinels and DR1 Devastators). If you get it earlier then it should allow you to make short work of Guardians and deal with the horde of DeeBees. This hive is very sniper orientated.

Gunner’s ultimate ability is good in some situations, and overall tankiness will be helpful. Ultimate Battery will also give your team mates their ultimates quicker. Infiltrator can be excellent if well played as there are Gnashers in the first supply room, and Overkills later on dropped by DR1s. But this role needs to be played carefully due to the freezing Enforcers which are very dangerous up close.

Excellent crowd control of Juvies and tankiness enables them to survive more hits.

Needs to ride the venom, but can be very effective support for the Brawler. Use hit-and-run strikes as there are LOTS of Juvies throughout.

There is a Dropshot in the left side supply room; and a Boomshot in the right sided one in act 1. Explosives will be helpful if team mates get pushed back by Juvies.

This is an unusal hive as the enemy spawns in part 2 are bugged and set to a timer, so you can run straight through to the helipad and you’ll only encounter about 7-8 Elite Drones. Choice of classes will depend on whether you want to use this exploit or not. If you want to stand and fight, then you’ll be using different classes like Tactician, Gunner, Marksman etc. I’ll assume that you want to run though as this hive is mental if you fight in act 2. The rest of the hive is straightforward as you use the mounted turrets.
As standard, tanky and is ideal for running through the 2nd act.

As above, ideal for running through the 2nd part.

Combat Medic
Has strong defence cards and is great for running through the 2nd part.

There are no Longshots, only EMBARs on this hive so you’ll need to have Modified EMBAR or this. If you can master the EMBAR, you will be able to clear out most encounters quite independently. Also time your X-Ray usage. You can clear out entire rooms if it’s used effectively with Critical Parade.

There will be Salvos at some stage, plus Fabricators with options of a Boomshot, Dropshot, and Lancer GL plus frag grenades. Healing Module will be useful toward the end when you Salvo spam the enemies.

You’ll get Overkills from the DR1s. A well used Infiltrator can tank enemies and kill them if they can maintain the momentum (strongly recommend Laceration, Blood Resonance, Reaper, Enhanced Stim, and Stim Batteries). Excellent for dealing with the horde of DR1’s at the very end.

Tankiest class and is great for leading the way. As you stay ahead of the deep venom, try and tackle a couple of easier enemies like Juvies or Rejects along the way to build up your ultimate and maintain stim if you lose it.

Ultimate Battery can help team mates get their ultimates earlier – especially important for Brawler who needs the extra Inner Fire resistance. Bait Armor is essential.

Combat Medic
Again, is very tanky so will be very useful. Grenade Pouch will enable you to carry more flashbangs as well.

Use a fear-execution build. There’s a Lancer in the pod spawn room at the very start, so it will very useful for executions and crowd-control of the Sires. This will allow your team mates to concentrate on what they need to do.

There’s a Longshot and Markza early on. Alot of the encounters are suited to sniping. Use active Longshot rounds to oneshot the Scions. They have Reflective Shields so will refect damage back at you. If you can oneshot them outright, then do it.

There’s a Dropshot in the first room, plus frags along the way. There’s also a Boomshot and Lancer GL at the start of act 2 as well, plus the possibility of Salvo Scions. Either way, the Tactician is a heavy hitter and will be very useful for the boss (either a Matriarch or Carrier).


I’ll do a few for the ones where I felt certain classes really make things easier.

Gauntlet: Anchor

Anchor is simpler because he already has the ammo and damage output to deal with the first encounter.

Blight: Demolitions

You don’t need a whole lot of explosives here, but what you need are a few high-damage ones and Demo does it best.

Line: Brawler

High survivability on a non-Ironman hive means he can simply keep the fight going even when others perish, not to mention he can kill pretty fast too.

Detour: Brawler

Wanna deal with the juvies quick and painlessly then he’s your go-to.

Lethal Engagements: Veteran

Can’t hit headshots fast enough? Not to worry cause he has an ability that does it for you and card that buffs their damage to boot!

Choke: Pilot

Who else can withstand the mob and save the run when the team foolishly and inevitably pulls the lever and makes a doomed last stand at the bridge?

Corruption: Nomad

Makes those rejects your ■■■■■■■.

Split: Tactician

Still the best way to clear out a large and powerful mob is to throw 1000 bleeding salvos at 'em IMO.

Mist: Nomad

Does the best job keeping the molesters off your poor squishy snipers.


Good that the info is together in one place. Thanks for writting this, and I hope that if TC would create new hives, this topic will be updated.

Also, this topic should be pinned :+1:t2:

Forever is a lot easier with Mac + Cole. Keegan can be useful, but Mac in Venom annihilates any Flock.

I was surprised how much damage I saw a Mac in Venom doing with a gnasher on LE last night. He was pushing forward with shield up + card that extends it on each kill and was nearly as effective as Infiltrator.

Yeah ditto. It’s easy to forget that Adrenaline Junkie is a general damage card and isn’t tied to any specific weapon.

At this point, so many classes are in a good spot balance-wise, that for most maps I don’t really have an ‘A-team’ quite as much anymore. But, still have some favorites off the top of my head for hives that weren’t mentioned:

The Hunters: Nomad, Pilot.

If you can get the Retro at the start from the middle supply room straight ahead (need to be fast because of Venom), Nomad can keep executing the Hunters, keeping them off your back, not to mention causing a big laugh as they run away at the speed of light.

Pilot is mostly for the Silverback at the end, where the Venom can easily cause the doors to close while you still aren’t there yet, spawning a huge mob of Sires and Juvies.

Last Stand: Pilot (2-players only).

Without a third player, Wingman/Sisters to the End procs, charging the Silverback much faster. With a level 5 card or so, simply wait for the Venom at the beginning before jumping down, then use it after vaulting to make an easy push to the saferoom. If saved for the second act, good use of the Salvo card (hitting multiple enemies at a time to extent the Ult) you can make the Silverback last for at least two of the three fights. Bonus points if comboed witha fast Tactician, as their Ult can refill the Silverback Salvo and make it last the entire second act! Difficult but fun to pull off.

Speaking of which…

Onslaught: Tactician and Pilot, or Architect.

For the second act, if you are actively trying to kill everything with no dupes, then comboing Tactician and Pilot to keep the Salvo and Silverback spam coming is one of the only ways I know to actually pull through, and quite brutally difficult at that.

If just running past the second act, Architect’s Hologram Ultimate will easily distract the enemies at the end for a clean escape. Just be sure to hit something a bunch to extend the timer, and not to run too close to distracted enemies as they will still notice you if so.

The Detour: Ranged Brawler.

With the buffs to the burn that this class received in Op 5, a high level Play with Fire, Pyromaniac, and All the Glory build can absolutely chain explode the crap out of this map, especially in the first act. It is one of the most fun ways to try and kill all the Juvies or Leeches at the end near the third saferoom, IMO.

Melee Brawl: Demolitions.

This is a bit of an underdog, but essential if you want to actually play this map with guns. Why? Good Kill. Just grab one of the hidden Longshots after killing Snipers on the first act, and pop heads while staying near teammates. Then, can Ult at the end to easily nuke the Wardens, and the abundance of Longshot ammo between you and at least one other teammate can make short work of Elite Drones if you roll their spawn. With this strat, you don’t have to worry about getting frozen if you don’t want to.

Venom Run: Inflitrator.

Guaranteed shotguns at the start, plus stim for instant full tank build right off the bat. Just be quick to grab it all, then you can easily blast whatever gets in your way, and maybe even Ult on the Mulcher Scion by the exit if you can get it charged by then.

The Descent: Nomad.

The very beginning of this hive can be tough to start, as the Hammerburst Drones are very passive there. However, a well placed Concussive Rounds Boltok stun and Faze execution makes for an easy push for the rest of the team. If using ranged cards too, can make short work of Scions later on with Longshot or Embar, or just use the Fear Ult on them and Pouncers to blast with shotguns.

Gauntlet: Pilot.

The Silverback can come in clutch like no other when pinned by Bastion-shielded Scions later on, and it certainly did back when the map had two Bastions for each big fight. Best paired with Tactician for Recharge Bounty to get that Ult charged ASAP.

I have plenty more that I can add later on.


A way to stop them from being camper Drones is to go back up the curved hallway/ramp closer to where you start out which makes them come to you, usually anyway.

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Yes, correct. Baiting them into being melee comboed is the usual strat for most classes, but for pushing straight ahead for a fast clear, Nomad is one of the best for that, in my opinion.

Certainly. Although Anchor can also down them which allows them to shoot the other Drones coming from further to revive the down or make their health low such that the Boltok headshots them rather than having the bleed down them but not kill due to execution rules which mostly would serve to create an opening for others to move in closer and/or attract other Drones to make them busy with reviving the down.

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Agreed. Although Nomad’s Boltok can simultaneously just stun them for easy follow up headshots, plus do extra damage with Consecutive Shot and even Acceleration if they are far enough. Can even bleed as well once you get stim off of one of those executions. Many ways to do it depending on card setup, don’t necessarily have to execute for Fear, just a great way to open up and push in fast.

Nomad has one of the best starting guns in Escape, IMO, right next to Anchor and Brawler (Ranged build).

Edit: could even add the Pilot Talon for constant stim as well as freeze to bypass execution rules entirely if not getting headshots, albeit rather short-range.

Edit AGAIN: Forgot to add to that Nomad’s Boltok can also proc Intimidation easily for headshot scaring in addition to all the above. Man, I really need to try all that stacked together at the same time now, lol.

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Played with @TurnerBurner922 and @xSMUDGE_BATx on The Line last night, and Nomad could be a potential sleeper pick with his sniper build on there. Smudge was absolutely melting the scions.

Markza+Consecutive shot in that hive is absolutely disgusting. Longshot as well once you get your damage up.


One of the first times I tried Ranged Nomad was on the Line. Despite the Scions there having abnormal amounts of health, I still had to keep asking ‘is this really Master?’ So devastating. I haven’t tried it in a while. Probably even more potent now that all my cards are maxed.

BTW, Acceleration for more damage if you stay far away (about 1 tile or so), and Fearsome Aura to Ult on them from even a bit further than that to get even more damage. Sounds great, as long as you can safely get the guns fast enough.

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That’s a good call actually. It will rely on some level of coordination so at least one other person knows what the Demolitions plans to do. From memory the range is to be within 5 metres of a team mate? I expect even then your average randomer won’t have a clue, but if you play with friends then this is easy enough to do.

In many ways I feel a little bad for not naming Demolitions in any of my A Teams. It’s just that the Tactician’s Ammo Resupply is so useful, it just stands out as the stronger class for Escape in my opinion.

Just wondering, have you tried Demolitions for half or most of the hives? I think it’s obvious why Tactician is superior to Demolitions in most areas. Hammerburst Drones are so frequent that even Modified Hammerburst could be used, but not every hive has Lancer GL for Demolitions to shoot bullets from, and has to settle with normal weapons and explosives. And some hives not having much Explosive Ammo Boxes. I think to make Demolitions more useful and capable of “A-team” quality, it could be played with Tactician’s Interrogation or Eagle Eyes like marking Scions on The Line.

If I had to rate classes based on how useful they are in general for Escape, into three, it would look something like:

Very useful
Blademaster, Infiltrator, Marksman, Nomad, Anchor, Brawler, Tactician

Demolitions, Gunner, Pilot, Veteran, Mechanic, Robotics Expert, Protector

Not very useful
Combat Medic, Architect, Slugger, Striker

So it’s no wonder that all of the “Very useful” and half of “Useful” has been named.

I’ve not used Demolitions on all Hives. Some of the ones I can remember successful runs on are The Hive, The Corruption, The Blight, The Hunters, The Clock (obvs), The Malfunction, The Gatekeepers, The Ambush and a couple more which I can’t remember. I found that I had to be much more conservative with ammo for most of them as red ammo boxes aren’t always in abundance. Kinda means that my team mates need to do a bit more and if I was out of ammo or low and saving it for something later that I was a bit of a passenger!

The Boomshot is a fine alternative to the GL, and Demolitions obviously has the Custom Boomshot card which makes a difference for some enemies. But Escape enemies have less health anyway (Horde has the 2x mutator as well as the extra 2x from wave 11 upwards) so I always found that the bleed from Shredder meant that the Tactician was good enough for all smaller enemies as it was.

Wow thanks!

Bookmarked, pinned on my wall, tattooed on my arm and down one leg.

On Venom Run, Infiltrator is very good thanks to 60 percent damage reduction with stim and being able to have over 3x stim and being able to get it back fairly easily. Their ult will erase Scions from the map too.


Well, I WAS playing with friends when we tried Demolitions. IMO when getting enough kills, Good Kill is significantly better than Tactician’s Resupply Ult when it comes to blue ammo, as when the card is maxed it drops a medium box. Otherwise yeah overall Tactician is usually the better and more versatile class.

Fairly accurate list I think. I personally would swap the tiers for Blademaster and Pilot though, as I am not a fan of having to wait for Venom, and the Silverback can absolutely carry through many fights. But I guess this is more of a matter of opinion than anything else.

Agreed, I think that Inflitrator is top tier for Venom Run, easily. Everything it will ever need is in the first supply room.

Just an FYI, doing headshots on the Scions with the Torque Bow does massive damage since it’s counted as precision. If you have no Tactician with you, just take it.