Escape hive personal scores/timers bugged?

I have completed 2 hives, but I have no score in the picture of the hives, or in the leaderboards.

And do every hive have a certain number of cards you can get from rewards? Are they unique, or same as you can get from all the hives?

Not updated on the website either


I’m Confused About This Too

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Same with me. Last night me and two friends completed 2 hives. Each a different difficulty. There’s no stats showing I completed any of them.

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so whats going on here is an issue with the Gears 5 stats not loading.

This is the same bug causing people to not be able to choose mutators in custom matches.

and i wouldnt really call it a bug, just they cant handle the server load or omething idk what they are doing, but its there servers

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Also happening to me currently, did an Elite escape run tonight with a finishing score of 9:01 blowing my previous 11 minute run out of the water, which also should have awared me top 1% yet it did not register my run (this was also in matchmaking not custom game) so im pretty ticked off about that, all that hard work unrecorded.

Octus has stated this should eventually update,

My runs are also having the same issue.

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Same here. I did The Hive on Inconceivable with a time of -15m and it didn’t record on the leaderboard so I missed the 1 percent rewards. Really sucks. I hope they are working on fixing this and giving people what they worked for because this will kill this mode for serious players

Yep, still having this happen and missed out on the 1% snub and breaker mace skin because of this.

Yea i did a run in 4 mins and i still am not showing on tje leader boards please fix

Please fix this coalition. I really love this mode but not earning the skins really bums me out. I want to finish a run and know my hard work will pay off.

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Also im positive this is an ongoing problem. Multiple times ive gotten times in the negatives just to have it not update on the leaderboard.

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How is it possible to just run through everything without wiping?..

Well as of today the Escape past hives and selecting escape leaderboard not working selecting past hives just shows everything blank and selecting leaderboard button not even working.