Escape : Hive - Brothers

I cant seem to get any progress towards it. Anyone else having this issue?


Alot of people have said there’s been problems with this one recording progress. Someone had a theory that you had to do this on Inconceivable difficulty or higher to record any progress. I can’t say exactly whether this is correct or not but after it was mentioned I noticed this pattern too. I can confirm that I did a couple of runs on The Surge on Insane and got no progress whatsoever. However I typically play Master difficulty anyway so I was able to get this eventually.

I think it is, if you look at the medal there is the mod selection icon with mods on, thats usually to say theres a difficulty requirement.

I would corroborate what the others are saying. I didn’t have any problems with this medal, and I also played only Incon or Master.

The medal shows elite not insane or incon it also shows gary who is n OP t mentioned whatsover and doesnt showbclaton who is