Escape has potential, but i feel like its missing something

I love playing versus, but I find myself playing Escape to kill some time and I enjoy it. A few things can get a little bothersome and of course someone probably already complained about it. Is the beginning cut scene. Dont get me wrong its awesome it shows a lot of work went into it. On the grinding aspect of things it can take away from continuing to replay the game mode back to back. Specially when some runs last 5 to 10 mins honestly less.

My opinion what I thing Escape is missing is that left for dead spice. This mode pretty much is a left for dead spin off but a few cut corners. Maybe adding RNG objectives in-between Acts rewardeding Cards, adding 1 extra Acts to make the players feel like the beginning scene is at least 5 more mins away or having actions done by the Players have an impact on the Map or on the Helicopter to escape.

Just thought about this so I edited it in: Crates spread around the Map so you find them rewarding Character Cards.

One more thing, the difficulty on Escape can be quite crazy some times how it jumps around. I Definitely can’t be the only one it’s bothering. I can already hear the keyboards typing 100 words a minute, look I’m not a lvl 100 warlord with every character in Escape, this $H** can get hard.

Thanks again TC, I’m loving OP4 and the new improvements that are coming, Gears is heading in a right direction.


The problem is that each modifier you add on does NOT just add whatever the modifier is stating. In other words, as you increase the number of modifiers, there are other “hidden” modifiers being added, probably similar to 10-wave each poisons from horde (increase health, increased, accuracy, increased damage, etc.)

When I’m running Surge solo perfectly fine with 3 modifiers, then I add on the “More Scions” modifier for the next run and get shredded by the DRONES, having never run into a Scion, then that pretty much confirmed for me there are some “hidden difficulty” settings occurring.


That applies to Horde as well.

To the OP - Escape is definitely much harder than Horde. I personally like it for that because it’s a real challenge and requires players to be more adaptable, use a wider range of skills, and to have a bigger and more indepth understanding the game mechanics. One of the key things is it uses a wider range of mutators, whereas Horde uses the same ones.


Yeah your right on that.

That’s what I mean, these enemies kill you so fast your replaying the beginning over and over until the spawn changes, then you get past that part but then die from something else.

Every modifier added increases enemy HP and damage, which is counterintuitive as extra health and damage exists as modifiers.

I wish TC would be more clear about this.


Of course the challenge is key but you have to grind a lot before you get to that moment were Master Enemies are a piece a cake. Problem with this is only the same characters are used over and over making them meta

Exactly! I don’t mind it happening, but they should show on screen that it is happening.

Add a fourth modifier? 2x damage. Add a 6th? 2x health. Whatever it may be, just TELL us so we can plan appropriately…


It would be cool if the Maps had set multipliers but you can add more with the difficulties you choose.

But they do have set modifiers 0.0, I’m so confused, am I missing something :rofl::joy::sob::sob::sob::joy::rofl:

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Yes, you missed something. He said multipliers, not modifiers.

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Oh does he mean how modifiers etc? Because yes maps do have individual multipliers for things still Besides just the difficulty multipliers? I think escape is great. Your names popping up a lot now lambent ;p

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We are discussing the hidden damage, accuracy, and health multipliers as you add on more difficulty modifiers.


What I was saying about Maps having their own set multipliers example If I pick core, Core will always have enemies or specific enemies (maybe because they spawn more) do extra damage without me having to Host a lobby and select the Difficulty Modifiers to do so.

Because of this now Players Difficulty choice can be more base how many enemies will spawn, increase the chances of a boss appearing during a Act, the length of the Acts, more rewards , more loot to find, etc

Escape needs larger maps, 4 players, random objectives, random enemies, more weapons and ammo, bosses
just like a campaign map/mission

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There are some GREAT custom escape maps. TC could learn from them!

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I think that would ruin escapes uniqueness as a game since other games play with that type of system, it’s cool picking which modifiers you want like extra scions or wardens on some maps and grinding out dailies doing that instead. Each mode should reward you more for playing it however, exp in this game is brutal.

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I understand that this opposite to horde, not so much of a long run.

I really like the mode but id love it if there was hidden surprises.

Imagine getting to Heli pad for the raven to get blow up, or having to retreat, forcing you to hold off or find alternative route etc .

Or you could hot potatoe a single gun. Etc …

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Escape is awesome. Haters are gonna hate. Ask T-swift.

Anyway, what i think escape needs is seeing your heroes levels and role in the menu. I.E. the pictures of each characters face with the level and shield for tank etc. It’s really hard to switch characters when you can’t see what your party is doing and you don’t know what level each of your characters are.

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Sometimes it feels like they reuse stuff from other maps.

I like having everything new so it can be unique.

Maybe add elements like ice lake, lasers, button scorch. Stuff like in the game.

Also better enemies like a swarmak or matriarch chasing you & goes insane & kills everything. I know the level would have to be huge for swarmak.

I think the mode is awesome. It’s very challenging for me. I like how they give every swarm Creature their own map.

Honestly can play escape & not be bored for a while.

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Yeah I really like the mode. Maybe areas more like a forest,

Or even a lab .