Escape gun skin leaderboard rewards

I’m sorry but does it annoy anyone else when they extend the weekly hive for another week? I have been waiting 2 weeks now to get my rewards for lethal engagements in past hives and I was so excited today to get my toxic guns and then OF COURSE they extended it another week. Like this isn’t fair, if you have a deadline, leave it, stop changing it because now I have lost interest in even playing for another week. Every time I am like yes I did it, I finished in the top 5% and the wait is freaking brutal sad face. Really deters people from even trying sometimes.

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Rewards from leaderboards are given every 2 weeks in escape, it started from beginning of operation 2, so it lasts for half of year now. This was made to give people time to get their placement as high as they are able to. But yes, they should at least change descriptions from weekly hive to rank hives or something.


Yeah, I believe it was like this somewhat in Op2.

It is annoying for people who actually pay attention for the leaderboards because it is confusing and contradicting.

So a question…I have some of the toxic skins. They are fairly cool. Would never use them though. I rarely try the 5% thing unless helping someone else. Just not something that personally interests me.

That said, what other skins have been available? Is it all about getting a full toxic set?

I must admit I can’t fully remember. Operation 1 had the Arid Storm set (or whatever it was called); and Operation 2 had the Chalkboard one. I can’t remember if it had anything else.

Operation 3 has the Toxic ones, and the Stripes ones (although I seem to be missing a couple of them, so maybe these will become available next week?)

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So you have to do all hives top 5% in an operation to get the full set?

For the Toxic ones, yes. there are different thresholds for rewards. From memory they are top 5%, 10%, 50% and 100%. The 100% one is just an XP thing for participation. The Toxic skins have been for the top 5 and 10% - so you could have some of them for getting top 10%. For example the upcoming rewards for The Corruption, the top 5% gets you the Toxic Lancer; while the top 10% gets you the Toxic Boomshot (and top 50% gets you the Stripes Claw).

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Operation 1 had Hivebuster weapon skins. Not sure about Arid Gale, that might’ve been Op 2.

The Hivebuster skins look good with Hivebuster variants.

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I notice a skin in my inventory called “Infected” which was an Escape reward at some point. I honestly couldn’t say exactly which ones were which Operation. I only really started aiming for these rewards in Operation 3.

So in total we’ve had:

Arid Gale


Hivebuster + Infected from Op 1.

Arid Gale + Chalkboard from Op 2.

Toxic + Stripe from Op 3.

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That’s disappointing. You and wolf helped me master all OP2 hives and I thought I would get all the arid skins. But I didn’t know they were tied to leaderboard rank until OP3.

Arid Gale was like a reddish-brown reskin of Windflare weapon skins. They didn’t look that great, IMO.

And the leaderboard times, it had to be done weekly or bi-weekly. So it wouldn’t really have worked, even if got 1%-5% a few weeks later.


I got a few of the arids so it’s okay, thank you for your guidance :smile:

There were also rewards for scorpio squad : “hi” emote and “thanks” they were animated with sounds.

I’m only missing breaker mące from arie gale skins. From hivebusters and infected a lot more. Mostly due to not working Leaderboards.

Thanks for the update! Just sucks when they add a 3rd week and now today the hives are gone but no rewards for anything. Just disappointing and I really enjoy doing it.

This has happened before, it usually wouldn’t take long for TC to put the hives back up. But not so sure this time around because the Past Hive section hasn’t had the last two hives(Melee Brawl, The End) show up in it despite the fact that they should’ve. Though I have also not seen anybody point it out to TC prior to now. Nor have I seen it acknowledged by anyone from there.

Does not bother me personally as I don’t care a whole lot for the rewards(none have been interesting so far), but it should be fixed regardless.

Maybe person responsible for it does not work at TC anymore.

I don’t think so, they previously said this hive cycling system was automated. Maybe it’s not working properly or they intentionally left Melee Brawl and The End out of public matchmaking.

Quick question - the Melee Brawl rewards haven’t been given out yet have they?

I’m currently missing 7 of the Toxic weapons:


I’m 99% certain I got top 5% in all Hives by the deadline. The only possible Hive I might have just missed out was Barracks - I’m top 5%, but I’m not sure if I was on the cusp of 5-6% and on the deadline I momentarily slipped out into 6% briefly.