Escape from Kadar tells me I need not play anymore

I’m big into PVE (I have always leaned that way since I think online gaming communities are toxic AF), but Escape from Kadar tells me that The Coalition is probably done with Gears 5, so I should be too.

I know it’s only a 2 week event, but come on! Locus one-hit kill with…pipes? But Wardens don’t with a Breaker Mace? But that’s just one thing.

My main complaint is that it’s essentially the Asylum event on a different map. Tons of Sires and special drones that can one kill (in Asylum it was Lancer drones).

The lack of imagination and new content tells me TC has moved on from this game.

I’m getting to re-up 50 to say I did / get the achievement, and then I’m out. This game is boring.


It’s not so much the idea and concept, as it is the delivery.

On the surface I like the idea. It’s just that it’s been delivered poorly in an unbalanced and one-dimensional way. It gets tiresome quickly.


Agree…kind of boring after playing once.

Should have been a hive map.


Now if they were to implement those guys into regular Horde enemies, it would at least be a little bit something. Not that it would change much but at least we got some Locust right?


Just did my first run ever of Kadar, and it was a completion thanks to a humble Nomad but yeah, It’s not the greatest event. I made the mistake of picking Marksman for this which CAN be amazing if you’re a sharp shooter but those Sire and Diaper Drones move really quick, Sires just have stupid heads to begin with.

That aside most of my group would just chainsaw the sires stuck in fence.

I used Retro Lancer against the Horde of Sires. It was mostly an effective way of pest control.

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Yeah I honestly have to say it wouldn’t hurt to have a Lancer or Retro on me as a Sniper just incase one breaches but my group was really good up until the Second matriarch Wave 10



You know it would probably be better if we were actually escaping from Kadar instead of Reactor. Maybe combine Horde and Escape and create a section by section map with each section requiring you survive for 2 or 3 rounds before you move onto the next.

Personally I just can’t take the Locust seriously in this. In the campaign they were better than this but this time im like wtf is goin on lol.


This event is too generic and boring, when I’m not playing frenzy, I prefer Mercenaries from Resident Evil 6, more dynamic and fluent.


Huh. That would have worked. In my head I kept remembering when the locusts broke the whatevers in that narrow passage way and come to think of it, it reminds me of escape more than horde. A map like mines or heck, choosing Railline as the horde map would’ve worked better

Highly underrated game. Yeah it’s stupid, but it’s also a fun and hilarious co op title.

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I just know this is getting super stale, fast.

Too few enemy varieties, and nearly every enemy is just “chainsaw chainsaw”, repeat.

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The thing that i cant understand @TC_Kilo1062 is why is this horde event not on the new map Speyer? New Op - showcase the new map.


We really need to get these events in custom. I just waited 10 minutes to start a game because of players joining and dropping out. 10 second left a new players joins and now the clock is back at 56 seconds. Another player quits or whatever the clock is now at 20 seconds and another player joins reseting the timer. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?


Laugh all you want, the re-up adjustment was VERY beneficial to me, I’m almost done now. I would have NEVER grinded there as it was originally, and I feel bad for anyone who did.


Terrible idea. The lunge on the Pipe-Drones is ridiculous and would put CQC-classes into a really bad spot.

Michael explained this on stream. They wanted a map with lots of coverpieces and blocked view. Something like that. Look for the bit with Michael in the lateste dev-stream, it’s only around 5 minutes long.

Ain’t that the truth Operation 5 was really good with the Gears 2 theme, i think Nexus has to be my favourite map in the game because it paid homage to Gears 2 so well.

Operation 6 is so bare bones it’s not even worth playing or even waiting for the second content drop. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next characters are Bernie and Oscar since they were already in Gears 4 so it’s little effort for them to add them in .


All this, and the reward you get for grinding this mode is a PvP only skin. :unamused: