Escape from Kadar Horde Event


How do I access/take part in events? In particular the ‘Escape from Kardar’ Horde event.
(Since starting to play Gears 5 a couple of weeks ago I’ve only been playing Horde privately with AI team members to level up before heading online).

Many Thanks


Dang, I didn’t know it was that easy! :crazy_face:

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Events tend to be limited, but some come back every so often.

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From what I can see the Luck of the Draw event has been added again as the rewards tab for it disappeared a couple of days ago?

I’m assuming judging by other posts that I can’t host the event myself and have to join one?(Not a newb just haven’t had access to an Xbox for quite some time)


You can’t do events in custom… because of reasons.

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Only Predator Hunts was available in Costum for a short time.

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And was gloriously broken. Even had a spectator-mode.


Ah right, thanks. I’ve been browsing the forums and have noticed that it appears the Escape from Kadar event was a few weeks ago(before I started playing Gears 5). I assumed that with it only just appearing in my Tour Medals tab today that it was a current not past event which explains the sarcastic but unhelpful reply from HerrKatzchen…

You’ll have to wait for a certain event to return, if it does.

At the moment there isn’t a single horde event because that’s how TC roll, they almost force you to get bored and play something else.


That’s unfortunate as I’m otherwise really enjoying Gears 5/being back on Xbox after quite some time. It’s been a breath of fresh air compared to CoD(on PSN).

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