Escape from Kadar. Engineers are tested

This mode really tests how good you are as an engineer.

I’m not a fan of playing engineers, but, in this mode, I had to play one due to engineers fortification placements. And that seemed like the only way to beat this map, with randoms.

If you don’t build the fortifications right, they’ll just instantly rush your team and it’s over with.

Definitely top 3 of the most frustrating times in Gears 5 for me, with randoms.

Anyone else feel this same way, regarding engineers?

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Did it once and I will never do it again. Randoms don’t deposit and play for themselves all the time.


I don’t blame you. One of the worst experiences in Gears. Teamwork rarely exist in that mode.

place a bunch of barriers, chainsaw everything that doesn’t have a rifle, profit?
ah yes the true test of engineers having to place their barriers horizontally or vertically.


You need 3 Barriers in total with the right base, 4 maybe if you’re feeling generous. It’s not that hard…


This horde event is no different to the other dailies with aggressive enemies modifier.

The aggressive enemies power through your barriers, so you need more of them.

Easier said than done when you got no power due to randoms not depositing.


I just did mine on beginner for the medals/stars. I made sure not to deposit once and invested everything into my perks as brawler with the rifle setup. Everything went great.

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Same. I remember when I roughed it through Predator hunt and attempted boss rush on incon but the rewards received were not reflective of the effort required. After those two I said that’s it. I don’t see these as built with high difficulty players in mind anymore. I feel they were more made as a one-off. quick, fun, event to lock new skins behind.


I just played it on advance, first run no engineers was easier. I played anchor both times, it was actually good fun.

Only needed to play it twice to get the hybrid locust, setup at fab 2decoy’s on the 2 catwalks, and a few barriers on the main entrance. I don’t think it would really work on master but if your going for the skin, you don’t have to.

I can only speak for myself and I would not have made Escape from Kadar without an engineer on Inconceivable difficulty.
I did a couple of runs where the players would just run around and die every wave which did not last long. Finally when I got a lobby with a engineer present we did it with no big issues.
As most times in horde a big deal is teamwork but the game mode suffers from a lot of low level players on high difficulty.

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Ditto except Infiltrator, didn’t bother with perks that much either… got Gnasher to 5, that was all I did… other than that I only used power to rebuy my gnasher each wave since the randoms was usually hogging the ammo boxes lol

The Eng should always be top notch when it comes to master horde regardless if it’s Baird or Del. Escape Kadar is nothing but a chainsaw party with 1 Eng as guest

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And Aaaaahhhhhhh… with a Retro Lancer party!

This is definitely were the frustration lies. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen horizontally placed barriers just for the enemies to rush through them an almost instantly kill the whole team.

This is exactly how I see all these Horde events, also. The replayability factor on a lot of these Horde events, on Incon, are non-existent.

The game mode is plagued by them. Always wanting to get carried.

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Thats exact the problem there are so many low level tryhards. They say they won’t ■■■■ up the game but then they always do. Shouldn’t be allowed to join a master lobby with low level


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I didn’t know anything about this mode, so I went into a beginner run, just to see what it was, and I went in as, uhm, Kait, since that doesn’t really need anything on beginner…

Randoms all left by wave 6… I was just running around and killing everything with the gnasher and overkill… I got bored, and I left on like wave 9… Boss wave - kill the boss, run around until the ultimate recharges, kill second boss… (that’s largely by myself, if you have others, no problem)…

Kait, Lahni, Emil, Cole… Those take care of everything… Someone for the boss… Yes, yes, I’m using the old names, they are much shorter to type than the new names, haha…

The reward is a PvP skin, useless if PvE… So other than the stars for the medals, zero appeal/interest , zero re-playability factor…

Ohh, yeah, when you pick up a dropped pipe, it’s like picking up a salvo with ONE rocket in it… Great thinking, TC…

They should make these events accessible in custom, otherwise a lvl 4 can join incon difficulty

We did it with an Engineer but he didn’t build anything. We had like 2 medics. I was an Infiltrator. I built one fence and a few shock sentries just for the hell of it. Otherwise we just killed things the old fashioned way. The fence is perfect for grabbing the Sires.I’d just Retro lance charge them while they were stuck for an easy execution. Did that all match. Mostly I thought Escape from KADAR pretty boring. Sires, Drones with pipes? and a few with retro lancers. Some Matriarchs . The only thing it tested was my ability to stay awake for 10 boring rounds.

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