Escape for noobs

I’ll admit, I’m a total noob at Escape. I’ve only played a handful of times and I can’t say I love it. But I’d like to give it a chance and see if I can get into it. Anyway I tried playing a Hive the other day .( I think it was called The Line?) Basically it was a bunch of Scions with mutators. Very tough. Anyway I played on Inconceivable because I like a challenge. I used my level 17 Veteran and we could get absolutely nowhere. We killed a few scions but basically we got destroyed. I run out of ammo in no time at all.

Bottom line : what the hell are you supposed to do again a bunch of OP Scions with almost no ammo? Is there a class that works best for Escape?

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Choice of class plays a big part in Escape in my opinion. For each hive, I think it’s fair to say that there is a kinda meta “A-Team” - 3 classes who are seen by the majority of players to be the absolute strongest choices for that hive, and this varies from hive to hive. It’s all about playing to your classes strengths as much as possible.

Some hives are easier than others and the meta “A-Team” will vary more. It’s really a matter of opinion though and some people prefer others.

The main thing that determines which classes are most useful; are: (1) weapons and ammo available from supply rooms; and (2) possible enemy spawns which determine what threats there are, and what weapons can be acquired along the way.

Now, the content of supply rooms will NEVER change - the positions an item spawns in may change, but if Supply Room A contains a Longshot and a Lancer; and 3 large ammo boxes, then Supply Room A will ALWAYS contain those items. Just that the Longshot may spawn on the table, or on the shelf, or on the floor.

Enemy spawns can vary. From memory, the only hive where the enemies are constant and never change, is The Surge. All other hives tend to feature enemy encounters which can change - usually 2 possibilities. As an example, alot of hives will alternate Swarm Snipers; or Swarm Hunters - alot of hives give you one or the other, so in this instance a Longshot isn’t gauranteed and relies on a Swarm Sniper spawn.

Using The Line as an example, this hive contains no Gnashers nor Overkills; and only contains Scion enemies, so it’s impossible to get a shotgun on it, so the Infiltrator isn’t going to be optimal because all of the weapons are not suited to their skill cards.

Alot of Escape comes from learning the hive - supply room contents; enemy spawns and getting used to the mutators.

Also, a trick is to listen for the music. When an enemy is alerted to your presence, then the music will start. Treat it as a cue as you move through a hive as it usually tells you when you triggered an enemy spawn or encounter. Expert Escape players use this to their advantage and work out where the thresholds are in terms of triggering enemy spawns. It helps you to manage each encounter on your team’s terms.

I played a master game yesterday with a randomer who was a level 14 Veteran; along with a level 19 Tactician; and me as a Gunner at level 20, maxed out skills and using a tanky-ice build. It went perfectly okay as my team mates listened to my advice early on, and I used the Gunner’s ice skills to tank damage and freeze enemies using the Cryo to set up easier kills for my team mates. This set-up worked because we had a Tactician who is high-damage and there are frags and a Torque in the supply room in the middle at the very beginning; and doesn’t rely on blue ammo boxes meaning the Veteran had dibs on them; and the Tactician could also drop their Ammo Resupply ultimate which gives even more ammo. Once we killed the first few Scions I was able to scavenge a Mulcher (not my first choice as my build was focused around defence and ice) and soon afterwards a Cryo Cannon which I used to freeze enemies. It’s all about balance in the team.


Thank you . I really appreciate the lengthy and informative response.

If I’m going to try it again I should probably play with some experience players and learn the ropes ,so to speak. Players like yourself who actually know WTF they are doing.

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I put together this post a few months ago which I think is useful to have. Alot of other expert Escapists on the forums also chipped with suggestions, ideas, different approaches and so on, so have a look at it.

Don’t treat it as an absolute guide - it’s purely opinion, and covers what I think are the strongest classes to use on each hive. It doesn’t mean that a particular hive cannot be done with other classes. From the thread you’ll see from other people that there is usually room to be creative and try different approaches.

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There might be some tutorial hives out there but sadly it is limited in what you can do (it isn’t easy to be able to make enemies start off unaware.)

You might not believe it but there is a solo run on the Line on Master difficulty as Architect.

Each hive has a unique set up and knowing what enemies, weapons and mutators are makes a big difference. Not all classes are suitable for some hives.
Eg on The Line my favorite 3 classes are Gunner with freeze build, Anchor and Lahni.

Pilot is fun on it too. I used them yesterday and they were really great. Got to use SB twice and the Dropshot is so strong and the stun is so good.

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Oh yes! Forgot about Pilot. I did a couple of runs last night. It’s been fun. Love The Hammer card.

wow, this is awesome. Thank you for putting all of this together. Gotta love the Gears community. Awesome.

If you bring Pilot to the Line, just be careful with the Ice Scions, they will freeze your Silverback in seconds, so keep distance and focus on them and the Mulcher Scions. :smiley:

Just use Brawler and run…run… RUN!!!

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