Escape experts, do you still run the Venom-depending cards when playing w Randoms?

Specifically asking about people who mostly play w randoms because I know that if playing w friends you can easily ask to wait for venom etc.

Asking mainly about Mac/Anchor: I normally run Adrenaline Junkie (80% extra dmg in Venom) and Venom Resistance (32% dmg resistance in venom. I combine it w the 60% extra HP to be extra tacky), and while I’m a beast in Venom, the meta has changed so much that most of the games I’m in We are no longer in venom so I am basically “wasting” these cards.

Case in point, I just completed a Daily of Gauntlet, host was Anchor and we never were in the venom. I know they were using the card that gives Stim when the barrier gets hit and I think Barrier Feedback or Batteries. Not sure which. And not kidding, they were doing most of the kills, kinda like how Anchor is played in Horde nowadays.

Keegan/ Tactician: I still run the card that gives 32s of cool down while killing in the Venom. Same story, most of my games we are way ahead of the Venom so I am not really getting the cool down… The other card (that gives explosives ammo while using ult in venom) doesn’t really count as you can easily go back in the Hive to get your ammo. “Venom 4 Ult” and people follow me back lol,

Lahni/Blademaster: she technically has the Bleed melee in venom and 30% dmg resistance while in venom so she also counts in my question… however not really, precisely because I cannot make her work (as people are running far ahead of the Venom) I instead use Paduk/Nomad or Cole/Brawler and forget about the Venom mechanics… Especially if I know I’m playing with people who appreciate Explosive Tackles :smiley: /s

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Yes. Especially Lahni. Kinda depends on what hive though. The Labyrinth Act 1 there’s no point in waiting for venom because its all easy enemies.

Although. Like you said, Nomad and Brawler are still 2 of the best classes for escape. Its really personal preference. A team of BM, Nomad and Brawler can easily annihilate all hives in the game.

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Yes, absolutely. I focus my builds around what I want to do, not what I think randomers may or may not do.

I also equip my emotes around functionality, so I’m not going to El Chumbo with dance moves etc. I use emotes like “group up” and “advance” etc. When with randomers I will try to communicate with them so they know what I want to do. If they still run off into the distance, then I’ll use “group up” to call them back, but if they insist on running far ahead then quite frankly I will leave them to it. If they get downed, then I won’t put myself unnecessarily at risk to revive them. If I need to stay on the edge of the venom to stay safe and ensure I can function at the risk of my team mate dying, then so be it. Harsh, but fair as far as I’m concerned. People should know by now that GOW in all forms is a team game, and should have a basic idea as to how to accommodate team mate’s needs.

Obviously when playing with friends and using party chat, then we can communicate and decide what game plan we go with and maybe change skill cards accordingly. But with randomers and without communication, we can’t do that so I would just go with what I believe to be the most optimal build. If it involves venom (which it almost certainly will if using the Hivebuster classes) then so be it.


I agree

If playing Blademaster or anchor where ammo is scarce in the map I just wait for venom and if they die well they die…too damn bad

Warren or hunted is good example where there is a blademaster and you don’t wait…then have fun taking on the sires or juvies

Hivebusters for sure benefit from the Venom and I wish randoms understood that. When playing as Anchor I go at my own pace to benefit from the extra damage.

The randoms don’t have anything to do with what you want to use. In some hives, venom catches up to your speed. If I know I’m not going to be in venom most of the time but I’m trying non-venom versions, that got nothing to do with randoms.

Labyrinth is a pretty good example where you’re ahead of venom at the beginning and maybe the ending. A class like Blademaster can use Longshot, Markza, Claw, Gnasher and so on. I’d only change out the venom cards when I know what to expect from the hive map, while it’s got nothing to do with randoms.

So., let’s say we play Warren (or whatever called, the one with strong Juvies) and you are BM, with a nomad (there’s a Retro Lancer at the start) and Brawler. If you see the other 2 people just running forward and killing the Juvies (mostly Brawler making everything explode), would you simply stay behind (inside the Venom) so that you can kill Juvies if they come close? Or would you go forward (despite no bleeding if doing so) just to be w the group or in case anyone goes down?

I mean… I created this post particularly for Gauntlet. I am Anchor with 80% more dmg if on venom and 32% dmg resistance which should in theory makes dealing with Bastions easier (yes it is doable without Venom boost), yet everyone kept pushing forward even if that meant having a harder time, lol. Was it best to just move with the venom? And If someone goes down and dies so be it?

Even if you are left behind? And what happens if they get to Extraction Zone while you are waiting inside the Venom?

So, if you are way ahead of the Venom, you’d instead improvise and use other weapons rather than meleeing? Thanks, seems a good idea,

Besides Venom Run and Ice Queen, how is that possible? I mean, I am just a casual Escape player who plays w randoms (nowhere near the skillful people I seem like you seem to be) yet I can’t remember the last time venom catched up to the team. It’s always getting killed by a Scion/Elite Drone or beating the hive. I just cannot remember Venom being a factor whenever I play.

I only ever play solo or with my friends that know whats going on but if I was playing with randoms I would stay in the venom as Lahni/BM.

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Load up The Barracks on master

Just did it, venom was nowhere close, even if the team wasn’t precisely the best.

First picture you can see Master difficulty. Team was level 17 Anchor, level 14 Slugger and me, level 20 Nomad.
Second picture you see us getting to the Safe room, with venom not being any close.
Third picture is the very end of the game, venom was just slowly getting close to the EZ but didn’t get to the point of triggering the doors or anything like that.

And if you have seen me play Nomad (Herr Katchen could tell you so) I am one of the worse Nomads, only killing nearby enemies (I’m not aggressive so it wasn’t like I was killing everything and soloing it. I think Anchor did the carry here).

And it was a game of 3 Randoms so no communications etc.

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Nice job. I usually wait for the bridge in act 1 when I have teammates because I don’t ever feel like fighting the juvies. Lol

Edit : i forgot the juvies and snipers/grenadiers dont even spawn at the moment because of the spawn bug thats happening.

The Blight is pretty fast, plus with the way it’s structured you end up having to move across the map horizontally as well as up (and away from the venom) depending on which doors are open and closed.

The venom on Lethal Engagements can put some pressure on you too. The Line as well, which is partly due to the structure of the map, at the start (depending on class) you sometimes want to get ammo and weapons from the far left or far right supply rooms.

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Eh I’d say I would have simply used Ult to make purple all the Juvies and aim to execute a Grenadier to keep the Fear going… although it isn’t possible to know for sure if we we’d have beaten the Venom that clearly,

Is that why … for example this morning I joined Gatekeepers and first act was literally once two Scions, one Guardian and one Sentinel :joy: I wondered if difficulty was nerfed as I remembered a ton of robots there… lol.

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TC are aware of it, and from what they commented it was an unintentional error. I presume that means they intend to fix it so if this happens it may be next Tuesday when Drop 2 goes live. But there are lots of hives that are missing one or more spawns - The Mist, Lethal Engagements, Melee Brawl, The Choke, The Barracks, The Link, The Detour, Gatekeepers…


Yeah there’s a retro nomad can use in act 1. Makes easy work of the juvies.

And yeah that’s why some hives have missing enemies. Commanderch made a thread pretty quickly and was able to help Michael shannon find why the bug was happening.

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While I am no expert who has a lot to say about randoms, I always run my venom cards on Mac and Lahni now know as Anchor and Blademaster lol.

Mainly because at least I have a back-up when things go wrong, and they just about always do. As Blademaster I can fall back into the venom and slash and run and as Anchor I can fall back for a damage boost, so it’s a win-win for me lol. Tacticians cards are always changing because sometimes I can really work outside of venom, but it’s hive depending.

It is a case by case basis. You have to make the judgement call of basically playing with a skill that isn’t doing anything or sticking with the venom. Edit: When playing with randoms with zero Comms.

Some hives Venom is slow moving to the point where I would remove Mac’s/Anchor’s Venom damage card or play as another class.

If you have teammates who rush forward on one of the harder Hives the chance of them going down is high especially if playing on Master.

If one of my teammates is an a escape god and wiping out the hive solo then I will move with them. I don’t know the number but the amount of times that has happened is low.

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Tactician can always backtrack into the venom to refill his explosives; Anchor functions fine outside of the venom. Blademaster, on the other hand, loses its primary functionality outside of the venom, not to mention card slots need to be spent to have that functionality at all. It’s less that I wouldn’t use the Blademaster’s venom cards with randoms, and more that I wouldn’t play Blademaster at all in Escape. Waiting around for venom is boring.

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I prefer and love to play as blademaster on Escape so yes, I definitely drag my feet and wait for venom, even when playing with randoms. Once they run ahead and die they seem to learn that I’m waiting for the magic ash to turn Lahni into a monster. I always type on the chat that I will wait for venom in case they are aware enough to have the chat turned on.

Question, what happens if the other 2 people seem capable enough to beat the hive without needing to wait? Case in point last night I (Gunner) got carried by a Marksman who was super good with the EMBAR in the Split hive.

Assuming you (Blademaster) were the third member of that team (again, Marksman did good carry, Gunner only stunned some robots and that’s it), would you have stayed back all the time waiting for venom until you saw the Act was cleared and then gone to the Safe Room / Extraction Zone?

Or would you have quit the game given you were doing nothing? (Asking because I seen some people quit if they aren’t doing anything, which makes sense. You play Gears to kill stuff not to sit back while someone else kills lol).

Or would you simply get it over with and appreciate the free cards/carrying and be over with it?