Escape eliminations and kills dont count towards medals unless you finish the chapter... Huh?,

I am trying to get the 1000 elims and 100 heavy weapon kills by running the malfunction solo. Everything i do in the first chapter counts. Nothing i do in the repeated (failed) attempts to finish the second chapter counts, … W… T…F…

Like seriously… How bloody difficult is it to COUNT things…

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I’ve always assumed this was intentional - some sort of anti-farming thing - but I guess it could also be a bug. It also applies to the dailies. The only time I’ve had progress count after a failure is when I’ve completed the objective and see the notification pop in-game.


But this isnt the case with horde, is it? I dont want to finish the horde wave for all the damage i did to count…

I am new to eacape, i guess it is different (or bugged)

Now you understand my pain in Op 1 and 2 with Medals.

There were some people back then saying that they could just kill Juvies on The Hive and restart Chapter to farm more Juvie kills for Medal. But this never worked for me. I always had to finish the hive to the ending to count.

I can’t say I’ve noticed one way or the other in horde but I’ll try an experiment with my next set of dailies. I suspect it’s just more noticeable in Escape with it being 1-3 acts vs 50 waves.


I donr agree with this. There are medals for completinf runs, there are medals for cometing runs at a certain difficulty level, thats fair. The eliminatjon medals shouldnt depend on this.

I mean, say you manage to kill a swarmak in eacape, then a stupid popper takes you out at the ens…how does that invalidate that you managed to take out a swarmak?

Yesterday I had a daily for 15 scions. I just kept restarting chapter 2 of the Trap. It counted every single one.

Should just do the line on beginner. All scions.

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Good to know…

Well just saying cos I had that daily as well.

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I know thats what i meant, i never know where the scions are, haha

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Should just do The Wanderer, first enemy is a Scion. Kill it, rinse repeat.

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Thanks. I know there are better spots, that one just came up while I was playing anyway.

so based on the comments its a bug on some of the escape maps?

or is restarting the chapter the answer

For some players, it’s bugged and have to finish hive. Or might be intended.

For some players, they are free to restart chapter and it all counts.

This might be far fetched but I would guess it could depend what machine they’re on. Whether One S, X, PC, Steam… etc. But haven’t confirmed why it’s different for certain players.

yeah… even for me I found it inconsistent… So who knows…

But it is a thing, and it MIGHT or might not affect “you”, so beware…