Escape customs let me leave

I love escape I play custum escape a lot, but I find it annoying wen you join a lobby finish the run and the host starts right back up again, you don’t have time or the ability to leave so you get dragged through the 3 minute cut sence just to quit

You can just sign your profile out and sign back in. It’s faster than waiting out the loading screen. This is for Xbox, that is. Can’t speak for PC.


Alt F4 then load the game back up (if you wanted to continue playing).

People are always suggesting this what if you are a loser with only one profile. Asking for a friend…

You’re gonna have to explain this to me, because…
A. I don’t get how only having one profile makes you a “loser”.
B. I used this method if a match started and I got auto switched to a low level Marcus or other low level character because I joined a lobby just as it started and I couldn’t even pick an appropriately leveled character for the difficulty I was looking to do, and it always removed me from the game so I could look for another when I signed back in.

Your other option is to simply restart Gears 5 but I don’t know if that’s actually faster than waiting to be able to back out. Otherwise, I don’t think any other ways to leave a game before the loading screen finished exist. Maybe joining a friend might work but I don’t know if it does while you’re in a loading screen. Haven’t tried.

I agree bro.

When I host a lobby I give people one or 2 minutes to upgrade skill cards before starting a new escape match or just let them quit the lobby.

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