Escape Custom Maps

I’m considering creating some custom maps for escape, and then posting them here when they’re finished. I’m not exactly happy about TC no longer putting out new one’s, and I’m sure no one else really is either.

This thread is merely to see if any of you would actually be interested in playing them. I’m not sure I want to go through the trouble of actually creating them if they aren’t going to be played.

If you are interested, I’d also enjoy feedback of what sort of maps you’d like to see. I’m a bit limited by the map builder we have, but I believe I can create some good, quality fun for everyone.

I’d be putting these out every 2-3 weeks with any luck.



I’ve made a couple that I’m not that proud of tbh. It’s a way to pass time though.

I might give your maps a try

I’ve got one that’s nearly finished at the moment.

If this thread gains any traction, I could probably finish tweaking it and release it today.

Hell I’ll be here

I’ve got a few I wanna share… named ‘Sire Deathrun’ and ‘Warden Deathrun’ etc :smiling_imp:

Tag Turner when you made one. Let him solo it and put it up on his channel

Go ahead and post them here lol. I don’t mind. Something for everyone to enjoy

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How are you going about sharing them??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I’ll definitely do that once I’ve got one finished lol. Just have so work to do before I can release it

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Is there a Matriarch Deathrun!? :smiling_imp:

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I’m planning on posting them in this thread once they’re finished. Should be able to just look them up then.


Sadly they never added the Matriarch to the enemy list :sob: else I would’ve…

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I am down. What will it be called?

Still in the works on the map itself. When I’ve finished it, I’ll post all of the required info to this thread for everyone.

I’d be up for testing it.

But if it’s like The Split, then we’re talking poopsicle-stabby time.


I don’t think we can add any of the non-corrupted DBs to Escape maps in the builder right now. Not that I’m complaining because there would be sadists creating maps filled with only Guardians and Sentinels.

Make sure to bag your weapon before freezing it to avoid a mess in wherever you do so.

The biggest obstacle is that there is no XP or credit of any kind awarded for custom maps.
Sure I want to - but if there are new cards that I need to grind up then it’d be nice if TC allowed the freaking kills to count.
I know that they don’t because anyone could author a map to speed a completed challenge in a hurry but if now that they’ve forsaken escape players then they ought to allow moderators or developers to vouch for a custom map and let it count eh?
I’m down - but I still gotta max out my new cards too :confused: in all my spare time :laughing:

Well if you’re really up for testing, I’ve got a map I’ll have finished by tonight. Be happy if you’d run through it with me.

I want to make sure it’s fun before I go and release it.

And no worries. No sharp poopcicle required. It’s nothing like the split hahaha

Well that’s entirely up to you. I understand people want rewards for playing, but eventually, grinding the same maps will be boring, so these maps will be here waiting for you :wink:

I want to and so I will.
I also do think that they ought to start rewarding for maps that are worthy - that could open it up wide.
We should petition them for this until they get sick of hearing our cries and ban us.
I just like to manage expectations so if I’m enduring mind numbing boredom running surge every 6 minutes for an hour instead of doing something fun then you can know that it’s my mental illness and not my apathy that keeps me away

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