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Escape criticism

After playing dozens of hives maybe over 100 I have to say that every single hive so far feels the same. It doesn’t matter how long you make it or if you make new maps every week I’m getting tired of doing them. Maybe the weekly hives are the problem, why not like two every month or something to put more passion into them. Or maybe a scoring system like vs and horde to get the highest score and not just a brief mvp section in the raven. Either way I’m growing bored to tears with escape. Maybe it’s just me though. I just think it needs something extra. If it wasn’t for the damn leveling up characters achievement I would have been done already. I haven’t beaten any on master yet but I should not have to change the difficulty to have fun. Again though maybe it’s just me


I’m open to new things regarding escape but I do really like the game mode. There’s enough variables to keep things dynamic and interesting for myself anyway. My opinion could change later, who knows.

I rarely have time for horde. And versus, while being my one true love, has undergone an identity crisis and just makes me sad when I play it.

I love escape, I do a lot of master runs with friends and every map feels different with new strategy’s and character setups sometimes, the bet changing mutators per map is really cool!!! And some of the maps can be a real good challenge, THERE IS A SCORE SYSTEM YOU NEED TO LEARN THE GAME MODE STILL!!!

I dislike Escape mainly because it feels like I’m running through the same hallways and rooms endlessly, no matter the hive. Maybe a couple different enemies here and there but the aesthetic never really changes. Maybe this hallway curves left instead of right but otherwise it’s the exact same tile as I just ran through.

I’d like to see them experiment with the mode some day. Maybe get away from the Hivebusters and instead introduce some kind of elite strikeforce where you’re conducting missions in the overworld against the Swarm (possibly even rebel Outsider clans too, just for variety?). Destroying key positions, eliminating certain targets, rescuing or escorting important NPCs then escaping to your extraction point.

This would offer up the entire overworld of Sera instead of just these abandoned mines the Swarm have set up in. Plus imagine the custom maps people could come up with when they have such variety to build from.

Just adding to this idea since it was well received. If they wanted to stay true to the “timed” nature of Escape, they could add a mega windflare storm that slowly closes in on you while you’re doing your objective then you have to reach extraction before it envelops you.


They should change the tile set and at the very least have 3 different themes. I’ll give them slack for this though…they said they’d expand their tile set at some point. And it’s their first go at a map building editor.


They need an underground tunnel, metro/subway theme set, with stations.

Escape and its’ associated characters have absolutely no relationship to the Gears of War franchise. There is no reference to it in the current campaign, past games, or the books for that matter.

In my view, Escape is simply a lackluster attempt to distract hard core gear fans from the deteriorating quality of the Campaign, Horde, and Multiplayer modes, and to bring new life into a game that has been is losing it’s long time fan base.

I’m not opposed to new game modes and features. However, the number achievement related requirements associated with Escape, make it difficult to swallow.

I agree with your statements. Escape is a terrible grind. The exceptionally long load screens, redundant landscape and creatures, and the lack of ammunition, make it very unattractive to me. It’s the same, over and over again,

If you are willing to understand that the success or failure of Escape is of no consequence to the developers, then it really doesn’t matter if you like it or not.

They’ll be adding new tilesets and there are leaderboards with new rewards evey week.

It really needs different visuals per map. It feels like you’re playing the same thing over and over because everything looks the same.

That’s my main gripe


I’ve spent some time creating custom Escape maps. I know that creating map builder is not an easy thing to implement, though the amount of tiles is pretty small and the whole theme feels the same, unfortunately. I find those extra large “Mine” tiles really boring.
The problem with custom maps is that they all look almost the same (guess why).
Also there’s an issue with the amount of types of enemies. Only 5 different enemies per chapter? No Matriarch, Snatcher, Carrier?
I really, really hope TC will add some new functions and lots of new tiles, otherwise custom maps will be dead soon

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I can’t stand the mode, and I’ve already made a rant post about it before.

The sooner it’s gone from the franchise, the better.

Well, I think it won’t be added in Gears 6 unless some big changes are made to it.

i always thought escape feels like the boring parts of a campaign where you are just trying to rush through it to get to the next cutscene

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Rushing through is a boring strategy that gives you bad times and mediocre card drops.

For me it’s not just about getting out the door.

The most interesting way to play IMO is for leaderboard times. Though this is difficult without a good squad

Probably feels the same since these tilesets are from the map editor.

Escape seems like something that they put together last second just to add more content to the game.

Implementing the map builder isn’t easy. They did spend some time on it.

There is a 5 part comic book series attached to it to introduce the characters and a little backstory to essentially the mode itself.