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Escape characters in horde

Keegan and jd with spotter support and confirmed kill is going to be devastating, any other good potenital pairings with the other hivebusters for horde?
The freedom lancer is dead boy and girls!

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Yup, I did some calculations, and if Keegan’s cards stack with JD, you’re looking at up to 37 seconds reduction in JD’s Artillery Strike per kill, and with Keegan’s Eagle Eyes card he can get up to 7 marks at any one time. If the character duplication doesn’t get fixed, you’re looking at game breaking carnage!



Yep m8🤔

How do you mean chacter duplication? Keegan and JD wouldn’t clash from a duplication perspective.

In the way that you can have one or two JDs and one Keegan or one JD and multiple Keegans all marking targets everywhere on the map, all of which can have Spotter Support strikes dropped on their head. Potentially giving JD instant ult strikes permanently throughout the match.

thanks - i get what your saying but the JD Hero would not clash from a character selection perspective with Keegan Hero.

personally i think there will be a balance patch. JD with laucher capacity can have up to 8 GL grenades and with his razor hail be completely in-balanced, againist other Heros

further more…i am a greedy heavy and would happily blow up the entire map with JD. anybody who wants to assist with this as Keegan is welcome to do so.


worlds best heavy

That explains the time I ran into you and you left the match when I was doing some work. Unless that was down to different reasons. We failed shortly afterwards because someone joined in as Fahz of all the things and was completely useless.

Haha dont i know it rookie…2 man revolution coming🤣

He is the worlds best heavy👍

Yet it seemed I was outperforming him as Kait in the one match we happened to be in together, until he was out after wave 15 where I was the one to kill the Sentinels that showed up. I didn’t get much of a good impression.

Haha fair enough…can assure you he doesnt leave games intentionally…there will have been good reason…:grin:

I’ll say you did haha

Good work on that BTW

The Keegan+JD ult combo sounds like it would work until they patched it but besides that I think this is a bad idea. These chars are built for a different mode. Lahni is basically a weaker Emile and we rarely use him in horde outside of lower difficulties. How often do you melee in masters? Mac might have some use with his shield+ a tri shot. Be nice to have a pistol expert in horde but I can’t picture the dmg being anywhere near JD/Kaits output. These characters also have perks that only work when inside venom, which is non existent in horde.

I feel this is more about trying to keep the player basis that’s left instead of fixing the game. I like that Kat is suppose to be getting more perks but they claimed it was for escape. She really needs more of Dels perks so she can compete. When Baird gets here I hope he at least do everything Del can do.

i’m sorry i dont remember you…no hate

It’s not a problem because I don’t actually use this profile to play. It’s just for forum posting.

was it Vasgar? …all about the team, i dont mind being out ‘performed’

Im the worlds best engi rook😉

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thank you for your continuted friendship and support…and Level 5 weapons locker card :slight_smile:

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