Escape character builds

Hoping to get some feedback as to what cards people use for their characters. Especially the new characters.

All score boost and nothing else. Gotta artificially inflate those useless scores for the pissing contest nbody cares about.

My most played characters are Mac, Keegan and Cole, so:

Mac: Bloody Shot, Boltok Bandolier, Adrenaline Junkie, Venom Resistance and (hive dependent) Crazy Tough or In Your Face

Keegan: Shredder, Venom Explosive Resupply, Recharge Bounty and (hive dependent) Venom Boost or Grenade Pouch or Resupply Duration

Cole: Damage Dash, Inner Fire, Torch Tackle, All The Glory and (hive dependent) Perk Up or Thrashball Pro

For the first week of OP4, I’ve played a lot of Fahz and JD:

Fahz: Exploit Weakness, Ambush, Modified Longshot, Modified Embar, Explosive Critical Shot

JD: Razor Hail, Launcher Capacity, Spotter Support and (hive dependent) Custom Boomshot or Custom GL or Confirmed Kill


I primarily use Kait, Lizzie and Lahni in hives… but I’ll list builds for all I used.

Keegan : Explosive Resupply, Shredder, Recharge Bounty, (depending on hive or how I feel like playing him), Venom Boost, Grenade Pounch and/or Resupply Duration

Lahni : Thrill of the Hunt, Venom Resistance, Close and Mid Range Deflection, Venom Blade(may swap Mid Range for Shock Chain for most hives, but I have yet to test if it still causes bleed now or not - if it doesn’t it is practically useless)

Mac : Venom Res, Boltok Bandolier, Bloody Shot, Crazy Tough, Adrenaline Junkie(very rarely if ever change from this build, but on Lethal Engagements for example I drop bleed for Dodge)

Lizzie : Aggressive Armor, Healing Tri-Shot, Salvo, Cold Finish, and then either Rear Armor, Healing Munitions or The Hammer(if Dropshots are available and nobody else needs one). No Sisters unless doing a two player run because it’s worthless with 3 players as it doesn’t work. Sometimes swap the Tri-Shot for Mulcher and take Healing Munitions.

Cole : Currently primarily run Trashball Pro, All The Glory, Perk Up, Damage Dash and Torch Tackle, but don’t use him often.

Kait : Pretty much the same as Horde build. Chain, Cloak Duration, Laceration, Blood Resonance, Reaper(can be replaced by Custom Gnasher or Overkill Stock, have not tried either - Reaper is sometimes inconvenient or not useful if there’s a Paduk running an execution fear build). Not really happy that you have to run around cheesing meatshields if you want to get anything out of Cloak even with Chain.


For Clayton I usually run: Reflective Shredder, Concussive Explosives, Heavy Shell, and then depending on map I run either heavy deflect/ammo capacity/freeze resist/bait armor.

What are people running with Marcus and Cog Gear? Those are two I need to level up.

Marcus, I like to do
Dug in
Custom Lancer (if the hive has Lancers in it, otherwise Band of Brothers)
Last Ditch
Extended Rifle Mag
Rifle Feedback

COG Gear I haven’t done much of but
Razors Edge
Perfect Condition
Custom Lancer (again, it there are Lancers around, otherwise Intervention)
Get Up
Helpful Headshots

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I always ran Dodge with Cog gear. Works great on ice queen anyway. That’s the only map I’ve ever really ran him on.

I would imagine it would be good on that map due to the pesky snipers.

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For the COG Gear, I personally use the custom Snub if there’s no Lancers. It gives you a nice little damage boost and makes a difference early on.

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Makes sense. What’s your Fahz loadout?

I’ve only used Fahz on Malfunction. I used:

Exploit Weakness
Explosive Critical Hit
EMBAR Mastery

I chose EMBAR Mastery purely because there’s lots of Deadeyes and EMBAR’s on this map so I figure I’d be relying on this for ammo. If there were more Longshots around I’d probably switch to Modified Longshot instead.

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I was curious if patience was worth it.

I’d say so, although if I was doing a score run this would be the first card I drop. For me personally, I have all my high damage cards levelled up to level 5 and 6, so my Longshot is powerful enough to oneshot most things without the Modified Longshot card so for me this is less important.

I think alot will depend on the map. On slower maps if you stay ahead of the venom you can wait before the saferoom to charge up your ultimate a bit more. If there’s a faster venom mutator then you will be in more of a rush so this may not be possible. It’s also about not taking damage.# and some hives lend themselves better with defensive positions.

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Patience is kinda pointless to me. Due to Fahz damage output, you’ll get the Ultimate fairly quickly.
Instead I use this extended X-Ray duration card and the Modified Longshot, since my cards are only on level 5 for now and I prefer to save one bullet to actually really one-shot kill everything. :slight_smile:


This was just for Malfunction. Patience can come in use at a couple of key times. At the very start if there are Bastions then they can be a bit awkward depending on where they move and if I’m having a bad day landing my shots, so it’s nice to have it as an extra option if I balls up! Also it’s useful to charge it up just before the saferoom in case there’s a Guardian straight after.

With Baird on that map, if you have Experimental Weapons level 6, you can one shot the Sheperds with active EMBAR rounds (since the card always gives the DeeBee weapons active boosts.) If it is level 5, they live with a sliver and if you have bleed, that will finish them off.


What’s the other 4 cards you run with Baird?

Bloody DR1, Bloody Support, Heavy Resistance, Experimental Weapons and Enforcer Porting (on Malfunction) Baird is a beast on Malfunction.
Bloody DR1, Bloody Support, Melee Resistance Experimental Weapons and some other 5th card is what I usually do.


I don’t do much different than what’s already posted. For Cole, I almost always use Perk Up instead of Thrashball Pro. And just a small difference on Keegan: I’ll use Eagle Eyes. It seems too good not to use with Recharge Bounty. I’ll only swap eyes for Resupply Duration if the hive has a shorter ultimate modifier. Part of my reasoning is, because, as other posters have noted, Resupply Duration isn’t needed to max out explosive ammo.

For Kait, I’m using Reaper, Cloak Batteries, Custom Gnasher, Laceration, Blood Resonance. Haven’t unlocked Chain yet. I know it’s been recommended not to use her stim, but it’s too tempting on maps that have rejects. Sure, it doesn’t help much but that one time you tank a hit that otherwise would’ve killed you makes it worth it. I don’t think it’d be worth it to use cards slots on Enhanced Stim or Stim Capacity though, because the odds you execute enough enemies to fill it would be small, and hits you really need to tank (such as salvos) are going to eat up all your stim no matter what.

Oh, and with the new and improved Marcus, Brutal Efficiency seems key to his build. The ult boost is just too great, and having his ult often as possible is too important not to use Brutal Efficiency. So I’d go: Dug In, Extended Rifle Mag, Brutal Efficiency, Flank 'Em (until I get headshot master) or Custom Lancer (if the map has one), and Rifle Feedback.

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I wonder if you really need this for Marcus when his ult provides free active rounds and bypasses reloads? Or if it’d really be beneficial for it.

And the Stim boost skills on Kait really don’t appear to be worth it. As you said, big hits will take it off quickly/immediately anyway and the rest isn’t that difficult to avoid(except Stumps, they are ridiculous sometimes).