Escape challenge ideas

Looking for fun escape challenge ideas that don’t necessarily have to be solo, (usually two) as were running out of ideas.

So far we’ve done:
-every hive melee only as architect
-every hive but gatekeepers melee only as infiltrator. (Might be possible)
-every hive melee only as moonwalking pilot and gunner
-a few pistol only and no card hives.

Right now were working on melee / lethal barrier only as anchor; though we just finished gatekeepers and most other difficult ones so,…

Any ideas?

No Items, Fox Only, Final Destination.

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Hi Rex!
Talon Only BM?

Hey snakey.

Just tried the talon only bm idea. We said no melee unless to get ammo lol. Total dog shiet at first, like not even fun.

Only real way I can think of making it fun is to combine it with the ult, and like nimble, and try for minimal kills and just run by/trap everything.

How about mastering The Line without killing any Scions?!

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Sounds mental. There’s something like up to 25+ Scions on that map. Even if you don’t encounter all of then I reckon you’d come across/trigger around 17-18 of them as a minimum. I’ve never tried running through it, but would there be a limit in maximum number of spawns if you don’t kill any of the early ones?

I’d imagine Gunner cos they can stun Scions (Nomad and Slugger stun abilities are for Drone sized enemies only right?) and maybe Combat Medic for durability and grenade capacity to fill up on flashbangs to slow them down?

You’d probably need to grab one of the EMBAR’s and use that to stun/slow them too.

And probably needs at least one player to act as bait to lure them deeper into the hive to buy the others time.

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There are a few ways to do The Line without killing any scions.

Many of the challenges we’ve already done on The Line indeed require you not to kill any scions. Architect might be S-tier OP-as-■■■ and can melee the swarmark to death but on The Line you’re trapping most and decoying the LZ area ones.

With gunner solo you can get away without trapping, killing, or even flashing a single scion. The same goes for gunner and moon walking pilot but it’s a little more tricky.

Btw one we tried last night was Last Stand right path BM no bleed Brutal Claw. Rofl. Was super hard and fun lol.