Escape card farming

I love hoard on this game and have quite a few characters I want to get started on leveling and cards. I’ve read about insane runs on escape and had a couple of days working on my cards for Baird. I want to start on Cole and a few others. who are level 1 and have no cards.

My question is what difficulty do you start farming those on as I presume it’s not worth doing insane runs because you can’t get those cards until the character rank unlocks them anyway? So do I just do advanced until I unlock the first purple card and elite until I get the Yellow?

As @GhostofDelta2 hs pointed out, we don’t know what happens to the chances of higher level card when you haven’t unlocked those slots. Does it reroll or something? No one knows.

We do know you aren’t getting duplicates of any card you haven’t unlocked so there’s that.

I’d still say run it on the highest level you can comfortably play simple to level the character faster. Then play any Escape maps with bonus card drops left after that.


And best to use the search, so many threads already about this.

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I though the amount of card drops would be the same across each skill level, but today I was getting 4 for insane and 3 on elite is that correct? I thought just the colour RNG was different.

Playing on higher difficulties gets you more character XP so I wouldn’t say it’s not worth playing lower level characters on higher difficulties. The sooner you unlock skills, the sooner you can equip them and begin getting more of them.

True, you won’t get any cards that you haven’t unlocked yet - so you could just get common/green cards for example - even duplicates, but if you’re capable then why not?

The Clock is the easiest overall hive in my opinion which can be done fairly quickly and easily as there is a decent amount of weapons littered around in supply rooms (although you need to reach them before they permanently shut).

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You can start doing Insane speed runs on The Surge as a level 1 player with no cards. You may go down/die a bit more often than when you are more levelled up especially if you have levelled up damage resistance cards. But give you get about 1800xp per run, even if you kill no enemies, you’ll be about level 5 after your first run!

Given that regardless of difficulty you always have more chance of getting a green card than any other colour, there’s nothing to be gained by working up through the difficulties. You’ll still get loads of greens even when running on Inconceivable or Master, so you’re just getting dupes of cards you can’t level.


Incon clock runs untill your characters ready for master. Say you unlock your first rare/blue card at level 5 your more likely to get that skill droped at higher difficulties so its a niche time frame to capitiolise on those abilities. I was leveling up clayton this way and recieved 4 bait armour crds in one game, as that was the only rare card avalible to me at that time. Now all my cards are lv4 and some finished already with very little time invested, also did a similar thing with marcus and my epics were a higher level than some of my greens a while back. It just a joke that the drop rate in horde is so poor , 6/7 Master clock runs grants 30/35 high level cards an hour where playing master horde you’d probally get…“4” not really fair when you weigh it up .

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You can run any character at any level on The Clock Incon with More Health modifier off. You’ll boost character up really fast.

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do the surge speed run on the most comfortable difficulty settings. I would suggest experienced and work your way up. Cole already gets stim on kill so once you master the distance for tackling, its smooth sailing. I have started with cole at level 1 and just kept doing the surge. Once you get sprint damage resistance card,melee damage reduction and perk up, you can start running insane.

P. S. use the search function to find similar threads!

I mentioned this in another thread, but I recently maxed out all cards for Lahni.

The last card I needed was Shock Chain (rare/blue). By the time I got the last one I had 33 duplicate legendary/gold card. :neutral_face:

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I am really struggling to level up venom blade. Its only at level 3 with 3/5 duplicates. :pensive:
Also I was wondering if this is true or not. If you havent mastered a hive completely and gotten all 30 cards (30/30), is the drop rate better? I feel like I get a much better drop rate when I do hives I havent competently maxed out the cards for.

Yes that’s true. Lahni’s venom blade, Mac’s adrenaline junkie and Keegan’s shredder card are all cards you dont get that often. Playing new hives on master can help get them faster.

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Just think of all the scrap you may receive at 25% the value of crafting a card… you’d be rolling in it Pepper! …Lv6 or not…