Escalation toxic?

So is it the norm for just shotguns?
And the trash talking?
Like not even speaking, just People cursing eachother out in Spanish
And I’m only on my third game
Like this mode seems extremely toxic

Welcome to Gears


I’m not a new gears player.
I haven’t touched versus since 3, but didn’t expect it to be this toxic.

Hmm. Depends every lobby I ever get into is silence…just me spotting people and calling out in EN.

Finally having a quiet game thankfully

Seems like me this a description for every online game ever.

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I find plenty of toxic players in this game. But it’s not unique to Gears, it’s just Xbox/gaming in general. But escalation is a try hard mode and when you get try hards, you get toxicity.

Well, I haven’t encountered toxicity this bad since league of legends.

I can say I delete at least 1 to 2 messages an evening lol… Many times these are in spanish en español which, I feel obliged to run them through a translate app to see what they say… :wink: It is Gears (or Engranajes)

Did you play Gears 1? I havent encountered anyone playing Gears 4 (or 2, 3 or J) that were the kind of toxic trash talkers as the folks back in '06/'07

I did, but not ranked. Or competitive.
Had a lot of cool people show me how to do glitches.

There I fixed it for you :smiley:

Exactly, there’s people like this almost everywhere in PvP so it’s honestly nothing new.

It’s also on other platforms besides Xbox, I’ve seen people act like this on PC and PlayStation, there might be some of them on Nintendo as well.

I feel like it should be changed to:

But then I’ve seen my brothers profile and how much trash talk messages he gets from battle field 5.

I haven’t had any issues in any other game modes, besides escalation, which I didn’t need to do since I missed the first achievement lmao.

KOTH has less toxicity and radiation.

Esc gets too serious.

Dodgeball and koth I was actually enjoying

Dodgeball is ok.