Escalation tips

I’m currently working through the Ranked medals on Tour of Duty and making good progress on all but the ones requiring Escalation wins. I get how to play it, I just can’t seem to eek out any wins. I’m at Silver 1 in KOTH and Silver 2 in TDM, so not the best by any means, but right now I feel more like a rug that gets stomped all over in Escalation. Definitely feel like a drag on my team. Any tips on how to not suck would be appreciated.

You have to change your style of play.

A lot of people continue doing the same thing.

Learn the map/s so you know them of by heart.

Know and predict where the enemy will most likely be.

Playing Escalation would be best in a stacked team of five. Otherwise you will most likely get run over.

It’s about practice and being able to adapt/change your play style when needed.

Hm, ok. That actually explains a lot. Thanks

It’s a mode that really needs coordination.

TC loves putting solo queue players against 3>5 stacks, so you’ll most likely just get destroyed in most games.

If the game didn’t put you against stacks when you’re not in one, it would be easier to get wins in escalation.

I’m also looking to play the mode more. So if anyone wants to team up, add me on xbl. Same name as on the forums

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Tbh just keep playing and you’ll eventually get teammates who can hard carry some wins. When you do, let them have their way regarding weapons.

And just a general tip to help your teammates get kills: mark literally every enemy you see. All of them.

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