Escalation takes a very long time to find a match

Why? I thought this was gears 4 staple match. Ive waited over 10 minutes sometimes. It says estimated time 1 minute

Escalation died a while ago tbh, I’ve never seen it as a popular mode.

TDM and KOTH are the populated main modes but factors can affect your ability to find games such as Rank, Region, Platform, Squad Size and Time.

Its just not a popular game type right now. I find games quick in TDM and Dodgeball.

Why would you want to do Escalation anyway?

Don’t tell me it’s for eSports Kait cos that’s over.

Hey Ektope, that part of the challenge isn’t over until September 2 at 10am PDT

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Sorry, you’re right. But that’s only if watched stream.

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Exactly. If you didn’t watch the stream then there’s no point in trying.

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