Escalation suggestions

Have some suggestions on how to improve escalation and make it better f or the average player online and hopefully also allow for more entertaining viewership at the pro level. That being said I know they had a survey that people filled out with questions and feedback I have not personally seen that.

  1. Get rid of having set amount of lives but still have a death penalty. My take on this is too increase your personal respawn timer the more you die by say 1 sec for every death and it gets reset in the half. If you start with a 10 sec respawn and you die now it’s 11 seconds. The more you die the longer your team is without you. I think this strikes a balance for individual play but still allows players to come back to life to try and have clutch moments. This may not be perfect I’d love to hear peoples take on it.

  2. Remove the player placements for smokes and pistols on teammates. Removing these two placement options make the rest of the map options have more weight to them and could see some change in what people place on the map to play around power weapons and the like. This isn’t a perfect solution but I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t drastically effect the game mode as a whole at the moment. Love to hear what others think is best to affect weapon placements and change up how it the game plays out.

Those are my big two points specific to escalation and improving it for the average gears player and make it more enjoyable. Love to hear some other suggestions and feedback!

I personally agree with making the respawns timer go up instead of down every round but that was Gears of War 4 Escalation not Gears 5 (of course they wanna make the game mode feel new and fresh but I say if it ain’t broken don’t fix it), as for weapon placements that’s hard for me to suggest cause I did love the idea of the opponent counter picking the weapon at the end of each round in 4, since we wanna keep everything fresh and new I would suggest just straight removing the weapon tree but still letting the winner of last round chose the weapon first, letting them upgrade the power weapons like ammo or respawn on the dropshot but have secondary weapons be a good set ammo amount and respawn, also have one specific spot for secondary weapons and another for bases to be placed, I used to compete in Gears and I won’t lie I never placed well in Gears 5 but I always told my friends and anyone I played with that I just thought that it was boring only seeing people place nades to fight for Power Weapons since nades are so much better than secondaries in this game, which I mean in 4 we saw a lot of secondaries and how much they brought to the gun fight.

Revert back to the GOW4 version of Escalation. I really enjoyed that. But thr GOW5 version is really awful.