Escalation Pings

I haven’t played escalation in a while. Not since Season 4.

This is unusually high ping though (Normally I’m around 23-40)… Is this a common thing now in Esc?

Yup. Diminished playerbase with the majority remaining being Latin Americans connecting to US servers this is the normality

It is completely normal. Escalation is filled with people who probably play on a mobile connection but think they are the next Optic gaming candidate.


not mobile connection …they have their toaster oven rigged to connect with an ethernet cable and a little antenna super glued on to it for a wireless connection



Lol is right.

Even in KotH tonight I’m seeing 130ms and above players in every match. The one match everyone was 70ms and below I had a 20ms which while good still made the game run pretty strange due to them being over triple my ping.

Edit; Video of the kind of bull crap kill trades I deal with. At no point do they even look at me. He’s dead with his rear looking my way…