Escalation on PC

Does it have competitive tuning? If it does, why does it not say so on the playlist and explain what that tuning is (helps people understand).

Also 0 players on EU PC? Is crossplay disabled for it or something?

Yes it does have competitive tuning, it says so on my game (you have to look at the detailed info while selecting a gamemode and it tells you.)

F2 I think is the key.

I personally think TC need to amend the UI to make it more obvious to people.

Slightly off topic, I don’t think anyone would miss weapon placement in escalation. Just throwing that out there.

I haven’t had an EU game of escalation yet. I refuse to believe that no one in the EU wants to play escalation.

Any idea what’s going on @GhostofDelta2 ?

I know some people and regions have had massive issues finding games and TC has stated they are looking into it.

That is all I can tell you sorry mate.

The fact that they know it’s an issue is good enough for me.

It’s miserable playing on the US servers

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As an Aussie, I definitely agree.

On behalf of my country, I’d like to thank yours for Nick Cave and James Thirlwell.


I know who the first one is.

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Second is a musical genius in the same vein as Cave. If you’ve ever watched Archer or the Venture Brothers, he does the scoring for those shows.

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TC are useless im sorry they are. Have not been able to level for 5 days now level is bugged im Re-up 1 level 18 and yes it does not even show the new Re-up icon.

Also People on console can opt out for comp - crossplay i think

Ill give it one more day if no fix later this evening or tomo im done.

This has been the worst gears launch since judgement and im a life long fan but this is one massive ■■■■ show.

Yes, thank you for Nick Cave, Ghost

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