Escalation matchmaking

What is up with Escalation? For the past 24 hours it’s been impossible for me and my buddies to find a room? Now it says over 60 minutes? What’s up with that?

Same happened with me today.

Does seem way to o long. I don’t think it is a very popular more, which doesn’t help. I have started to play it more since they reduced rounds to win. I still think it is overly complex with the weapon placements though.

This. It was bad enough the way it was in Gears 5 never mind making it more complicated. Nobody has time for that, adding to the already long waiting times in between rounds!

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I agree me and pals wanted to give something else a bash but not creating match… waiting for 10 mins with no joy.

Nah that can’t be right, TC said it’s more popular than exe and guardian.