Escalation live limit

what’s the point. I litterally lost a game that was 6-2 because no one could get anymore respawns.

also fix your gears of war 4 secret achievements TC.

The point is to not die so much and use the 5 lives wisely. Every round, both team members get +1 life. After 5th round I think, the lives reset back to 5.

oh good that will make normal players want to go for the objective and not hide in a corner.

The changes are good for the eSports scene and stacked teams but you’re right in saying randoms will camp due to the limits.

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in smash bros the rules change for esports. why should there be one rule set?

It’s a lot easier to create custom rules for Smash Brothers than it is for Gears Ranked.

its an insanely dumb rule. the tiny esports percentage of players should dictate how the large gerenal audience plays.

It’s a single game mode. Escalation was created with esports in mind so it’s going to play that way.

The other modes are not meant to follow these rules.



That’s why KOTH still exists.

im aware other gamemodes exist im commenting on this one.

I bashed the hell out of the lives garbage for escalation in the Tech Test, this will only encourage camping and NOT going for the point.

The lives system also rewards people with stacked teams or whoever just does not care, and runs out to die giving the enemy a huge advatage.

Get rid of the lives crap and the mode is fine.strong text


You’re asking for a mode that’s specifically designed for esports to cater to you. That’s my point. It’s not happening.

i didn’t ask that you robot, i asked whats the point.

The point is that it promotes more team play and strategy for an eSports setting.

It’s created for eSports. Plain and simple.

Robot? For telling you that it wasn’t created for the casual audience but rather eSports and to a smaller extent those that enjoy playing the mode they watch the pros play?

long respawn times and live limits feels kind of like cod4 sabotage. will probably get played equally as much.

I don’t disagree.

I can’t stand Escalation 2.0. It’s too slow and the lives plus long wait times between rounds ruin it.


As Krylon said,

It’s designed for eSports.

It’s a bad mode anyway, but it is what it is if you wanna ah it.

BTW all the people saying “KOTH still exists” the fun of Escalation was taking and holding multiple points, where people used trial and error to win.

Making a “lives limit” not only encourages people to not take risks or try new tactics but it supports people only ganging up on the person who has died the most to deprive the other team a person or more.

I saw this “gang up” crap in the tech test and by round 3 you would have a team of 2 or 3 vs a team of 4 or 5 people.

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But remember you’re not playing with a group that practices strategy on a daily basis. In a professional team environment the current mode actually works perfectly well. This same play style is nearly impossible in a public setting though.

It does what it’s meant to do well. But that also means the majority of players will not get to play it for what it’s meant to be.