Escalation in unranked modes please

So TC have already said that they don’t mind people boosting, as long as it’s not in ranked modes.
Then for those of us who want to boost Escalation ribbons, please add Escalation to Competitive Warmup.
I have found many people who are unable to find a match in Escalation to even try and earn them legit, so for some, they don’t even have the ability to try.
I’ve been sat on the searching screen for over 30 minutes countless times without finding a match and it’s frustrating that I could simply gather a group of friends to do this with, only for TC to ban us.

Pretty much all other match types are in Competitive Warmup, so why not Escalation?

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Honestly just get 10 people together in the same region lol. I highly doubt you will be banned. They don’t even ban aimbotters unless you submit evidence to them. You think they care more about a bunch of unranks boosting in Esc than they do about genuine cheaters? Nah

I know many people that have done it. They set up 10 man lobbies all the time with TrueAchievements.

There was a disclaimer on TrueAchievements to try this at your own risk because some have been banned for it. It’s not clear if it was a 10 man lobby or if someone reported them but if the kills and other things get it of control maybe they’ll see it on their end.

That’s the problem, there’s no evidence to show if it’s being reported by someone else or if they monitor it.

Personally, as long as you have a 10 man team and the only people it’s affecting is those 10 people, why should TC care? But people have been banned for boosting the 25 wins and again, the only rankings that are affected are those involved in the session.

The problem is the lack of response from TC. It has always been considered that boosting is NOT cheating. Cheating by use of aimbots etc to gain an advantage over those who play fairly is definitely cheating, but having a group of X people willing to die/lose matches, ranks etc shouldn’t be factored.

It would be nice if they actually responded to tweets, posts on here etc and actually clarified where they stood on this

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Edit: @forum-mods tag added due to lack of response. Really want an answer