Escalation in Quickplay (suggestion)

Just an idea / thoughts on Escalation as this mode is barely played for numerous reasons (EU Ping way beyond 100 no matter the time…).

Maybe @TC_Octus @GhostofDelta2 can tell if sth similar is already thought of.

I’d like to see a Quickplay / Social playlist with Escalation with the same weapon / gameplay tuning like in ranked.


  • people can check out the WEAPON TUNING (one of the big questions of Gears 5, aim assist…)
  • you can basically LEARN HOW THE MODE WORKS and get a feel for the tactical aspects and crucial teamplay no other mode has to offer
  • MORE FEEDBACK FOR TC as the mode could / should be tweaked in some ways I think

Other positive aspects for the players:

  • no forcing to stay in a quite long match that makes no fun cause your team doesn’t work as a team. No penalties.
  • getting the medals done (I think nearly no one beside the 0.2% of hardcore players will get that, it’s obvious that this mode evokes some kind of reservations on most players and prevents from completing the 100% medal statistics).

Final thoughts:
Personally I think this mode has much potential but isn’t perfect as it is right now. But this thread shouldn’t be about tweaking Escalation, just about giving it it’s very own playlist on Quickplay to make it more famous

Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks for the attention.

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