Escalation 4XP, FAKE im getting 2XP

4XP??? More like 2XP … On escalation on a regular day i get 20,000 XP … X4 should be 80,000 XP why am i getting 40,000???
Someone help me out with this.

Everything is x2 xp, has been for a while, norm would be 10000 for you, the x2 has been making it 20k, so 4x is indeed 40k

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a FULL game of escalation for 10,000 is craaaazy. Man

Enjoy your 20k an 40k then my friend as I don’t believe 2x across the board is permanent, I may be wrong, I don’t know

This stage of gamelife tho they should 4x everything with 16x weekly playlists to reward those still supporting, give something back that costs nothing for those who want some wings, personally I’d rather jus grab a redbull

I remember one time it saying 4XP and i was getting 80 to 100K… Long ■■■ games for this bs lol

I remember this one time, at band camp

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