Error x8190190 Banned or Maintenance?

Hello dear mates (im french so appologize for my poor english btw)

I was playing yesterday, even making a montage video about… Anyway, after one or two hours, i was unable to access of the social game or horde or anything, because of :

Error x8190190

Plus a message in the statistic saying i’m banned. But it’s kinda frustrating, because :slight_smile:

i only play on social (because dont find any game in competitive or ranked for now)
i dont quit game
i dont speedrun
i dont cheat

i never had any problem in ten years of live, i was banned only one time (8 or 9 years ago) for a word in my biography, word started by the letter “F” and finish by a “K” !

So i wanna answers but… Well thanks for reading (and maybe helping)

edit : if you want to see my montage video search in youtube "GEARS - rage of the samurai) it was my games yesterday …

Try restarting your game. I had this issue, when it started it would not let me join a game at all, for comp or arcade. I restarted and now it works. Hopefully it works for you too. And others, because this is a known issue. For who knows what for.