Error with the collection of points

Today 02/23/2021 I wanted to try to achieve the rank of teacher but an unpleasant error occurred that hurt me a lot and maybe I can no longer achieve my goal thanks to that. I am looking for the game but at the time of loading the map a player came out so the search was restarted but I charge the 1700 points and it is at the beginning of the diamond rank 3. I hope they correct that error for the next operation and hopefully they will return the points to me or something else for the unpleasant annoyance

I have seen this many times but it usually is just a visual glitch since upon returning to the main menu my ranked points will show correctly. Other times I get points seemingly out of nowhere so Iā€™m guessing the system returned to me the points it deducted when the lobby dissolved, it just took more time.

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