Error unable to connect to the gears of war services (0x80190190)? Main thread August 19th

Try to play ranked versus got this all versus modes same message

Same here, exact same error number. What’s worse is that by searching that exact code on this forum, apparently that’s the code for being permanently banned for the game D: so I got a bit paranoid about being banned…

I am seeing report of this on twitter too, don’t worry you aren’t banned.

Here is my error code

Note I still got into escape it took ages to load into though, and no idea if progress will be saved.

The servers don’t seem to be working. Checked twitter and couldn’t find anything. Couldn’t find anything when I searched here as well. I’ve restarted the game like 4 times so I don’t think it’s my internet but who knows

Anyone else? Cannot connect at all. All other internet / Xbox fine. Time is 15.40

I’m unable to connect to the Gears services and I live in USA.

It’s fine on my end… maybe just some users affected?

The same in Germany

error 0x80190190


Same 0x80190190 here

When this occurs it often is fine for users already on.

new error code

How many error code we can meet today xdd

Private match on Escape seems to work.

But my Social Tab don’t show up properly after signing out and in.

And the Custom Lobby Browser didn’t load for Horde and Escape.

But Private Escape still works as two players.

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That happens when you log out and back in even when servers aren’t messing up.

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I got into a private escape with the error code overlayed telling me I couldn’t get in :stuck_out_tongue:

I have also linked @TC_Sera to this thread so she is aware :slight_smile:

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Well a random 3rd player joined us just fine.

So it must be some users affected.

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These types of thing almost always impact on players when they try to log in, if you are already on you can usually keep playing.

As time goes on without being fixed it will impact a great number of people.

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Closing as this issue was taken care of.