Error suspended

I haven’t played Gears in a long time and tried to get on yesterday and it says error and that one or more of my squad is suspended but then it disappears and it won’t tell me why or for how long.


You’re not suspended but your team mate is?
Maybe ask them?
They might see it and you don’t.

I am playing alone, that’s whats weird.

Ah, okay.
Yeah, that’s pretty weird.
Can’t really explain that.

Strange bug - maybe reach out to TC for that one or even maybe Microsoft !

How do I contact the coalition? I’ve hit the contact is button here and it’s Microsoft support.

i get suspended error

It’s not letting you play?


I barely got on & I haven’t played for a week or so just to finish some placements & I got the suspended error without a timeframe and I never quit a game if I never joined. I ended up joining a lobby and left before the vote countdown could finish because I felt my team was out of line so is it because of that cause they weren’t doing that before & it says no where in the update that they’d do it for that. I understand if I was in game but in the lobby? Doesn’t make sense.

Sorry about your suspension but it clearly warns you if you try to back out after the teams are created. Maybe use the mute player option next time? If you try to join, it doesn’t say how long you have to wait?

im getting the same thing. no suspension time and i always get booted out

I try to finish all my matches and I’ve only ever been suspended once a long time ago, and no it doesn’t tell me how long it’s for or anything. I also can’t figure out how to get support from the coalition on this.

Yeah, same thing for me. I am suspended but it doesn’t say for how long or anything. wondering if this is just a bug or what?

It’s just happened to me… I reckon it could be a bug. Damn annoying.

This just happened to me, it won’t let me search games saying “one of my team mates is suspended” when I play alone, and I’ve played 2 matches prior to this, finished both, after that I tried searching for another match and I’m getting this suspended error.

TC please can you guys look into this.

EDIT: I restarted the console and it’s working now, hopefully it’s the same with everyone.

Same thing just happened to me and I also play solo.

Restart didnt fix it. WTF???

I can not participate in social or qualifying games. It just tells me that you or someone on your team is suspended and does not give me time to suspesion

I read through the Talking Quitters part of the What’s Up section and it didn’t mention anything about after the teams being made. I understand it was like that for seasons 1 & 2 & for about the ending half of 3 or whole S3 they weren’t doing penalities for leaving before the map countdown finished. It was better that way cause a lot of the community is cocky Onyx+ or Diamonds who don’t
have faith in someone who doesn’t have a placement or got placed in a low tier for mostly playing solo which would’ve been once again more reassuring if we had the ability of quitting before a match even starts to be confident in our teams. Either way it seems like we have to deal with it again, 15 Min like before for quitting. Thanks Neuro.

There is no contact with tc and the demicrosoft support sends to these forums, so how does it fix?
someone how to fix ??