Error in fetching match results, getting no exp for ranked versus!

I’ve been playing alot of versus with a buddy, almost half the time or more at the end of the match it will say " error fetching game results" and you have to press enter to move on, when this happens i noticed you get NO experience, NONE of your ribbons, or supply drops, NOTHING. Yesterday it got to the point where it did it to me 8 times in a row… literally makes playing versus completely pointless. When this does happen( which seems to be most of the time) you don’t know until the very very end of the match when its over… legit makes playing online ranked a waste of time. PLEASE do something about this I love this game so much but that is just unacceptable. Specially for RANKED game play… 80% of time you get literally nothing at the end of the round so why even bother right?..

The matchmaking is also broken but its been like that since the beginning gears, lol one person leaves the lobby and has to start the whole matchmaking process all over again, cant you just find one other person to replace the person who left why have to restart the whole process making and finding a whole new lobby, this game could be so ■■■■■■■ cool but all this stuff makes playing online literally almost unplayable seriously. I’m playing with the xbox live ultimate thing and i was planning on buying the game but ABSOLUTELY not buying it in this state that’s for damn sure, broken as hell.