Error from matchmaking gears of war 4

error from matchmaking gears of war 4 is suspended 87 days why ?
hete is gamertag S2N LEGE7VDARY . Please can me help ?


How many ranked matches did you quit out of?

Wow. I sincerely hope that’s a typo or something. 87 days is wayyy too long to not have a Gears fix. I kinda had a mishap occur today myself. I was playing KOTH trying to get my last 2 placements and after we won the 1st match during the XP/CR screen absolutely nothing happened and the timer was 0:00. I could still press A to continue or B to cancel match making. So after nothing happened for better than a minute I cancelled. That’s when things got really strange. It said I still needed 2 placements, not counting the one I had just done. And stranger still, I had the option to rejoin in progress. But that was my 1st and only match so far today. So outta curiosity I rejoined thinking maybe I would get my XP/CR. Then I see that 9 outta 10 had rejoined as well thinking the same as me. And I had noticed that it said COG won the match although I was on swarm and we had in fact won and it even had the X’s for each round we won. I wish I woulda thought to grab a screenshot but was confused and didn’t think. So after we all sat for a bit and nothing happening we all left the match one by one. Then when I go into matchmaking the rejoin option pops up again. So I cancelled it and got hit with a 7 minute ban lol. I’ve never seen that before either. Long story short I still haven’t gotten credit for that match. Idk what was goin on with that earlier.

idiot why suspended is remains days 86 from matchmaking multiplayer please resolv can help me ?

The system must have thought you deserved it.
Why else would you get hit with 86 days ban, they’re trolling or pranking you? :roll_eyes:


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I want to know why you’ve suspended Gamertag S2N LEGE7VDARY ? here issuspended remains 86 days

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I am providing a response from another thread, and will flag @anon86589457 to give you more information on this


They probably slapped you off the game because you quit too much.


see is bad really from matchmaking don’t have ■■■■■■■

Judging by the way you type and speak towards others I can tell you quit a lot lmao.


it’s cause you quit to much dude.


Bravo TC!!!