Error Failed to Sign into an Xbox Live Profile on Windows 10/Steam

I have tried a hundred fixes for this problem. Every time I try get past the introductory menu on Gears 5 (you can either push Enter to log in, C to change accounts, or ESC to exit the game. When I push enter I instantly receive the error that says failed to sign into an xbox live profile, and changing accounts does absolutely nothing when I push it. The only option I am given is to close the game. This problem has persisted for 2 days and has made it impossible to play the game at all.


Same, following in hope that there will be some fix posted.
Wondering if there will be any sort of compensation.

I am having the same issue. Any solutions yet?

i have same

Is there any solution? Same exact issue. Windows 10 / Steam

Some users have reported that setting their date and time to automatic has fixed this issue.

So, I’ve had the same problem with release. After seeing the most recent comment I had turned off my automatic zone/time detection, launched my game, then quit, then turned everything back on, then launched it again, and I’m now getting the prompt to sign it. It now works.

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Great to hear!