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Error Failed to sign in to an xbox live profile Windows 10

stiil error

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i am still having this happing to me and i have tried ever thing i have the game on steam and still nothing this is pissing me off now plzz someone help


Same, I have it on steam (Ultimate Edition) and have tried everything I’ve seen on the internet to try and fix it. I have a ticket in but no update on it. I’m extremely frustrated watching others I know just lvlin like crazy and I just have to watch.


I FOUND THE SOLUTION! Open your Date and time settings in windows. Click Set time automatically and after that click Syncronize time. Enjoy!
P.S. Sorry for bad english


thank you

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thanks you brother

Syncing time does in fact work! If you have problems doing so (like i did) do the step here and it should work

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This worked for my brother this morning actually just now. Everyone try Lordebix as well!

Syncing the time worked for me. Thank you to the person that provided this solution.

I didn’t work for me

Syncing the time worked!! It actually worked!! THANKS PixelShmiksel and lordebix

it worked thanks!!!

Did you find it, or got it from somewhere? Hey, either way thanks bro. ■■■■, can’t believe this damn issue.

As of today i still got this error, im also on steam and the ultimate edition but my problem started since last Tuesday tried this solution of syncing the clock, but no luck, just for notice, when i press c the screen freezes for like 2 sec. but then nothing, press enter and gives the error, and already run out ideas, just hope the coalition notes this.


Same here, I’m so mad

I’m having a problem but when I try and play a match, I click on ranked or quick play it’ll tell me “unable to connect. Please try again later”

@El_Forseps i was having issues signing into microsoft store, xbox compainon app, and xbox app (beta) . Talked with Microsoft support last night and after being sent to elevated support, I was helped by a guy who knew exactly what to do. they sent me this link which forces a refresh of the windows and OS files to the latest update available even if windows settings is showing everything is up to date. While still keeping all your files and applications (so no reinstalling of game)

  1. go to this link

  2. click “Download tool now”

3.Run the tool and click “upgrade this PC now” and it will take about an hour or so depending on your internet speed.

Once it is complete double check for updates in the windows settings and try signing into the xbox apps. I had the problem for more then a week and tried everything and this solved it all.

Try to install Xbox Identity Provider and sign up Xbox Console Companion.

having same error need help to I am a streamer and cant stream this game this was my first pre ordered game ever and I am sad this happened with me I have ultimate edition from Steam to and I am from Bangladesh
pls gears 5 team help

its installed still get the same error.