Error discount credits all the matchmaking

Hello my gamertag is vladixxzs, first I’m sorry for my poor English.
I have a problem always I’m playing when finished a matchmaking the score discounts 122 credit for concept to leave, the problem is always, always diferent day, diferent mode. I’m angry and desperate, this problem break the experience of the game.

You must have left to many ranked/competitive matches.

You usually get credit penalty for quitting ranked matches. Ranked is a commotment and if you cant stay full matches then you shd stick to social.

However if you got disconnected by the game and then got the penalty, then just so you know TC are looking into it. Unfortunately there is nothing to be done until TC posts an update. In the mean time I recommend you stick to playing social.

See Vectes’ response below:

No, Im sure is it a error because I’m never leave the match only when mi conexión is failure but this happens rarely.

How often would you define “rarely”? I ask because everyone seems to have a different definition of this term and even connection errors will trigger penalties.

Rarely is like a one time of two months

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