Error con Creditos

Yesterday he was expelled from a session in a guardian game, it was not for the activity, for which reason he penalized me with EXP and Creditos, upon completing the penalty, after each game he put me “Penalty for leaving the competition” I still have -45 C. Does anyone know what this error is due after completing my penalty or how long does it last?

Basically play 1 more game and then you from the following match you should be be able to earn credits gain

  • 45c means you still have outstanding credit debt that needs to be cleared.

I do not give me literally credit game and game games and the credits come out and then I press A resembles automatically and I do not leave that I should or something like that do not know who does it know what happens to me?

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Losing credits?
You have left too many games and are now in debt until you have paid it off.


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I guess when you reach 0 :smiley:

I already fulfilled the debt, but it stays with, -45C, and it’s already 2 weeks or so

Then I would try reach out to @CoalitionGears and perhaps OctusTC on twitter and see what they say.