Error Code RAGANI

Can’t connect to horde matches.

Keep getting this error code.


WTF does this mean?


Same with Escape.


At least I’m not the only one.

I looked it up on the link and there’s nothing there explaining it.


This game is FUBAR…

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Same error Horde Mode. :pleading_face:

Not sure what all this tech mumble jumble means.

Its causing issues with both Hord and Escape and its ridicules cos I thought they fixed it earlier

Is it a common problem in Gears 5?

This is the first time for me, and I’v been playing since pre-launch.

I didn’t start playing horde until i finished story though. Maybe a week in.

How long did it take to fix the first time?

Does anyone know?

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Says faild to locate server is what the code means

It means servers are screwed atm, you could join a session for once, if you exit, you won’t be able to join any other sessions unless you reboot the game. Tried that in Co-Ai.

I get the same error code with quick play as well.

me too Lobby service closed the lobby as it failed to allocate a server

Maybe TC came to the forums, read all the posts stating the game is now basically dead and thought ‘I guess we can turn off a bunch of servers then’ :grin:

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I’m getting the same issue on every online mode. Either it will say Ragani or it will just say that I failed to join the game cause it no longer exists.

Xbox live services for gears and several other games are currently down -

won’t let me into multiplayer, horde, and escape games

Anyone getting Ragani error

Necro thread…

And this message is literally pinned at the top of the forums.

Closing Necro Thread as what’s happening is a current issue and being currently investigated