Error code 0x801901f4 - banned?

I’ve tried to boot up multiplayer and get the error code 0x801901f4. I searched the Gears support database and its says its a banning code???

I’ve only managed to play half a dozen games online with all of the issues with servers etc and don’t know why I would be banned…unless is part of the server issues and is an error?

Anyone shed any light on this?

The only things that could come to mind is Ranked has maybe incorrectly identified you quitting early multiple times but since the servers are all over right now, it can’t tell that from an actual quit. Or, someone you played with has reported you for ‘Quitting early’, again, server issues. Or it could just a super server error, it’s hard to tell right now. I myself have been getting different error codes on any mode, and more than anything, server boots. Hope this gets solved for you soon!

cheers, if there is one thing i don’t do, its quit :slight_smile: so I am guessing its an error somewhere along the line.
So frustrating as just want to play Gears

You need to not play ranked matches while the servers are so screwed up, no reason to get yourself banned when you know the game is having serious issues.

Quick play is the best option right now as there is no punishment possible in that selection.

What would make sense at this point, is for TC to simply suspend the quit ban until they can stabilise their servers. With all the problems with the servers and people getting disconnected from all gamemodes, it is ridiculous that players are being punished for something they have no control other.