Error code 0x80190190?


I just installed Gears 5 for PC and launched it. After completing bootcamp,I tried to search for games with some friends playing on Xbox. However, it would either glitch out or give me this error code. (0x80190190)
After some research, I found that this can mean you are banned, even though I have never cheated?
The only thing i can think of is my Road to Gears 5 challenges bugging out and my achievements weren’t tracking properly, which could have been interpreted as some kind of achievement-related cheats?
I don’t know what’s up, but I would be appreciative of any kind of information regarding this.

This issue has been occuring for many people today. It is an error code that span a few issues.

If it isn’t resolved shortly please submit

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Got this same code as I’m trying to host a Horde game.

Restarted the console and still no luck

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I am aswelll since they updated i cant host on xbox x sucks