Error Code 0x00000c46

I have the problem for 2 months in Gears 5.
I don’t deserve Rewards, No XP, No Cards, No Character XP, nothing. I Can do nothing in Operation6
And lost my boost(60Days) and i have no RE-UP but i was RE-UP 28, and now i am LVL18 with no RE-UP🤷‍♂️
Can anyone help me???:unamused:
ERROR CODE: 0x00000c46

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@TC_Kilo1062 can you help out this gear?

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Consider it done,

@xxX_Davlix_Xxx, try now!


Hallo that is right Coaltion Help This Boy more then two month no Help. That is no more my Coalition.

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Yes it works, Thank You :muscle:
And Can you help me with my boost??? It didn’t count for me
I lost my boost (60days)