Error code - 0x00000C0B

Buddy still can’t join my squad. Strangly alligns with this thing:

@TC_Sera @TC_Kilo1062


reloaded the game twice now and yes I do have an internet connection and still get the exact same Code 0x00000c0b, social tab appears to be working perfectly fine (edit: stopped after a solid 10 secs), would post in the original thread but couldn’t since that was locked. Playing on PC


Same issue with me, my Xbox friends are working fine. Just seems to be affecting PC? I can play arms race luck of draw no issue but not ranked :sob:


Yeah i’m having the same problem on PC


No comment on twitter yet - “quick thing”. Bravo, TC!


Same problem, I’m on PC too, absolute hack devs. I’m so glad I didn’t blow money on CS Kait and this horrible company


:joy: Its funny, because i blew money on kait and the game started the errors afterwards. xD Rip Me!

■■■■■■■ rip dude. I still want her but situations like this don’t help my decision lmao

I’m on PC (Steam) too, no issues here. Although during the lobby reset I had to reboot the game to get reconnected again. Since then, no problems at all.

Something odd is going on for sure, chasing up!


issue might be exclusive to the xbox version then

Hmmm I’m on gamepass, Maybe it’s mostly a gamepass issue

I is not possible to connect to the gears service either.

I don’t have game-pass so, certainly a possibility but if so only related to PC. My friends here are playing on game-pass - Xbox console and it works for them.

Not sure if related but xbox app had an update this morning. Gears never worked after updating but then again I didn’t try to log on this morning before the update.

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Highly possible, Im on gamepass as well. Not able to join any lobbies(horde)

Update : restarted game twice, working now

Same issue for the last 2 hours for me and my brother on PC (microsoft store trash version).

Also, I do not have gamepass.

Just got into a luck of the draw game. Maybe a coincidence but I had an Xbox app update that needed to forced in the store

Horde is working for me now

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not able to play in PvP here