Error code 0x00000c03

My game isnt connecting to online services i just get the above code i trued from my laptop and from my one x. Whats the deal?

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I think thats the one for getting banned.

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Yup down for me too

Same error here, i played one escape match without issue, but after that i get error.

Not sure why im getting banned i dont talk to people. I did recently move to playing on a laptop instead of my one x but thats about it

Probs their servers . ■■■■■■■ as usual


Same here (PC)

Same here. Been down for a couple hours.

Forza Horizon 5 isnt working either

Problems reported with matchmaking.

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Omg. Telekinetix replied to me. My prayers have been answered.


It is working again right now

In fact no

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Mine is also not working, literally have been trying for 3 hours straight. Every server tester is telling me that they are having some connection issues, online issues and multiplayer in general. I dont think we are all getting banned as one of the comments had stated. Its only very frustrating that they do not have any forum or any sort of communication to explain as to why the game is down and when its coming back online

And he liked a post.

Strange…must be off his meds again.

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The game is up and running.



Anyone confirm if servers are back?
my bad I did not mean to quote you in that lol

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Theyre back.

thanks Koty
Blademaster by day
Server Administrator by night

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